The best tourism villages in Indonesia will be great for you who want to try something new. 


When my mind often wondered how nice it would be to go and explore some fantastic places around the world, the feeds on Instagram woke me up from the thing that I should be grateful for more; I live in what people call: land of heaven. There is always something new to discover. With thousands of islands and a unique identity, Indonesia is an exciting destination that never ceases to amaze and impress.

The culture and its community life are also beautiful things to be selling points in tourism. That's why Indonesia's government sees this opportunity by introducing and optimizing the existence of a tourist village. 

A tourism village (or ‘desa wisata’ in Indonesian) can be described as a village officially designated as one that welcomes tourism. The idea was first embraced in around 2000-ish, with dozens of villages in Java and Bali assigned as tourism villages. Offering an immersive experience by taking its visitors to experience the traditional lives and blending in with the locals, tourism villages will provide an unforgettable trip that will enrich your perspective in life.

Imaginating to visiting some traditional villages and the new sensation of holiday in post-pandemic? After looking around, I will give you the 4 best tourism villages in Indonesia that will be great for you who want to try something new. 

Nepal van Java

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Nepal van Java becomes one of the favorite tourist destinations, especially during holidays. Nepal van Java is the nickname of Dusun Butuh that locate in Temanggung Village, Kaliangrik, Magelang, Central Java. The piled-up residential housing looks like Nepal. That’s why foreigners call it. It's about 21.5 kilometers from Magelang's downtown. If you want to visit Nepal van Java, you only need to pay for a parking ticket; it’s Rp 2.000 for motorbikes and Rp 5.000 for cars. 

Nepal van Java has its uniqueness because it locates at Mount of Sumbing. You can use a motorbike for the best experience. The landscape of the green rice terrace can refresh your mind after the hecticness you can face in sky scrappers and noises of the big city. 

Penglipuran Village Bali

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Don't you know that Penglipuran Village Bali is one of the cleanest villages in the world? When you go there, you will notice an organized and clean Balinese traditional village. From the past until now, tourists visiting the Penglipuran traditional village are still dominated by international tourists. 


Pemuteran Tourism Village

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Pemuteran is a small, laid-back fishing village in the northern coastal area of North-Western Bali. This village has developed to be very famous for visitors in recent years. The beachfront resorts, their closeness to Lovina and West Bali National Park, and the extreme natural beauty of the area have encouraged relatively rapid growth in tourism infrastructure in the resort. Pemuteran is undoubtedly home to the largest artificial Bio rock reef project globally, and there is a real spirit of marine conservation efforts in this resort.


Nglanggeran Tourism Village

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Within the Gunungkidul Regency in Yogyakarta Province lies the charming Desa Wisata Gunung Api Purba Nglanggeran, or simply Desa Wisata Nglanggeran (Nglanggeran Tourism Village). Once you set foot in the area, you will be greeted by super friendly locals who welcome you and speak of their cultures and traditions. Is there any better way to delve deeper into the heart of another culture?

Pentingsari Tourism Village

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One of the most recommended villages to visit when spending holidays in Kaliurang Park is Pentingsari. It belongs to Cangkringan Sub-District and has been a tourist village for years. Not only does it offer a refreshing atmosphere, but the environment is spotless as well. Visitors can also witness the daily routines of the locals, including farming, herbal therapy practice, etc. Not to mention tourists are allowed to buy numerous types of organic vegetables there! Do not forget that the village also has several attractions like Watu Payung, Watu Gendong, and Sendangsari Natural Shower. The other activities to enjoy are to learn the local dance, traditional music, and much more!





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