Sports venues were built with funds of up to trillions of rupiah with international standard.


The XX National Sports Week (PON) has officially opened, Saturday (2/10/2021). The opening was directly carried out by President Joko Widodo by presenting various spectacular events in the easternmost province in Indonesia.

In the future, as many as 6,442 athletes from Indonesia with 3,000 coaches will compete for 766 medals from 36 sports and 56 categories.

The biggest sporting event in Indonesia is expected to be full of joy, sportsmanship, brotherly spirit, and togetherness, equality and unity of the Indonesian nation. PON XX Papua will take place from  October 2 to 15, 2021.

In an event as big as PON, the venue inevitably prepared is also of international standard. The POn XX Papua mostly took place at the Lukas Enembe Stadium, previously known as the Papua Bangkit Stadium, located in East Sentani, Jayapura.


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This international standard stadium has a capacity of up to 40,000 spectators and is called the second grandest stadium in Indonesia. The first is still held by the Bung Karno Main Stadium in Jakarta.

Enembe Stadium has unique and magnificent building architecture. From above, the stadium is like a flower that blooms from a distance. The supporting facade of the building is made of sturdy steel, decorated with Papuan motifs.

Still, in a complex with the main stadium, there is Istora Papua Bangkit. The building is designed to resemble a "honai", a traditional Papuan house. This venue is for organizing artistic, rhythmic and aerobic gymnastics.

The stadium's location is pretty strategic because it is in the middle of the central axis road that connects Jayapura Regency and Jayapura City. Access is relatively easy because it is only 8.9 kilometres from Sentani International Airport. Only 16 minutes away by four wheels.

The construction of the Enembe Stadium took three years to complete. The stadium stands on an area of ​​13 hectares. Total costs incurred for the construction of the stadium alone reached Rp 1.3 trillion.

From the latest information, the total funds for preparing the PON XX Papua reached Rp 10.43 trillion. This fund comes from the state treasury with the disbursement of funds from 2018 to 2021.

The technology in Papua's newest stadium includes a sophisticated lighting system that can follow the music. The building is made to FIFA standards with an athletic field with a class 1 certificate of international federation standards.

The type of grass used for the field is Zoysia Matrella grass or Manilla grass. Inside, there are various facilities that athletes who will compete can enjoy starting from storage rooms, bathrooms with showers, etc.

The construction of the Enembe stadium was carried out by PT Pembangunan Perumahan (PP) Persero Tbk and was completed in June 2019. The groundbreaking was carried out by President Joko Widodo in 2015, with construction starting in 2016.

Since the beginning of the use of the name Papua Bangkit, at the inauguration in October 2020, it was changed to Lukas Enembe. Lukas Enembe is the name of the current governor of Papua, who is considered instrumental in making Papua the host of the XX PON.

Apart from stadiums, several other sports venues also attract attention because of the quality they present. Venue Aquatic, for example, is equipped with international standard pool facilities. The building, which was built with the state treasury from 2018 to 2020, amounting to Rp 401 billion has received certification from FINA.


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Istora Papua Bangkit also has its own story. The building cost Rp 257.5 billion and set three records when it was inaugurated on 17 August 2020. The first record is the use of a curved steel roof structure with a span of 90 meters. Second, the roof without connections and bolts is the widest conical in the form of a dome of 7,300 square meters. Third, the most extended installation and the largest textile with internal ring dimensions of 477 meters, outer ring diameter of 70 meters and inner ring diameter of 56 meters.

Indoor and Outdoor Cricket and Hockey Arena were built with a budget of Rp 277 billion. The Outdoor Hockey Arena has also been certified by the International Hockey Federation.
The other three Venuses, namely Rowing, Archery and Roller Skating, were built with a budget of Rp 116.5 billion.

In addition to sports venues, this PON event is also a reason to build supporting infrastructure. The infrastructure includes 15 towers of flats that are used as residences for athletes and officials.

The construction of this residential tower began in 2018 with a total budget of Rp. 299 billion spread across Jayapura Regency with five towers, Jayapura City with five buildings, and Merauke Regency with five towers with 2,000 people.

Other developments include the Youtefa Bridge as well as the Time Capsule Monument, and two Cross-Border Posts.


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Papua XX PON Venue

Jayapura City
Koya Koso
Yos Sudarso Bay
Hamadi Beach
Ajendam Pool
Mahacandra Field
GOR Koya Timur
UNCEN Auditorium
Buper Waena
GOR Cendrawasih
UNCEN Base Baseball and Softball Fields
Aviation Training Center
Mayor's Tennis Court
GOR Waringin
Youtefa Bay
Koya Koso Volleyball GOR
Gor Koya Koso
Koya Koso . Sand Volleyball Court
Jayapura Mayor's Office Tennis Court
GOR Cendrawasih
Mandala Stadium
Jayapura Archery Field
Jayapura Roller Skate Field
McArthur Bukit Hill
Jayapura Regency
Lukas Enembe Sport Complex
Luke Enembe Stadium
Istora Luke Enembe
Luke Enembe Indoor Shooting Range
Kampung Harapan Aquatic Arena
Doyo Baru Sport Complex
New Doyo Hockey Field
New Doyo Cricket Ground
Cenderawasih University
Mahachandra Uncen Stadium
Uncen Baseball and Softball Fields
Uncen Auditorium
GOR Rudy Resnawan
GOR STT Gidi Sentani
Barnabas Youwe . Stadium
GOR Toware
Jayapura Rowing Arena
Teletubis Hill Doya Lama
Mimika City
Mimika Sport Complex
Mimika Athletic Stadium
GOR Mimika
GOR Billiards Mimika
Mimika Rock Climbing
Mimika Futsal GOR
GOR Eme Neme Yauware
Timika Moses Kilangin Air Base
Mimika Sport Center Basketball Court
Merauke City
Bella Fiesta Meeting Hall
GOR Lantamal
Katapal Stadium
Tanah Miring
GOR Koni I Head Sai
Swiss Bel-Hotel
GOR Merauke
Tanah Miring District Motorcycle Racing Circuit



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