What are the benefits of the IoT Sphere?


Telkomsel announced the latest solution for enterprise or corporate segment customers who are now increasingly utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in conditions of cyber threats that are increasingly threatening their operations and employee productivity.

Telkomsel launched IoT Sphere, an IoT security service solution to provide optimal protection to customer networks from all threats and exploitation in a comprehensive manner that can maintain company performance and productivity.


Photo Courtesy of Telkomsel


"There are many companies that are currently increasingly adopting various digital-based communication technologies as an effort to increase effectiveness and productivity amid such challenging conditions," Alfian Manulang, the vice president of IoT Telkomsel says.

“One of them is by implementing IoT technology. By presenting the Telkomsel IoT Sphere, we are trying to keep the company's IoT assets safe and secure from various potential threats," he continued.

Alfian said the IoT Sphere solution is also equipped with automatic and real-time threat detection and mitigation system. Various excellent features provided include the Just on Click, Security and Threats protection, Device Agnostic, and Routing & Filtering.

The Just on Click feature makes the platform easy to configure with simple interactive visual access supported by a detailed threat monitoring system. Security and Threats protection is a database containing various types of viruses from around the world, malware, and other threats that have been integrated.


Photo Courtesy of Telkomsel


Security and Threats provides an automated detection and prevention system. Device Agnostic allows the platform to be applied to all devices and applications and is supported by End Device Protection and a non-intrusive threat monitoring system.

Routing & Filtering allows users to have flexibility in managing data connections with comprehensive segmentation and a strong filtering system so that data connection security is maintained.

"The presence of this integrated security system is also part of our efforts to present a more comprehensive Telkomsel IoT digital solution so that consumers in the enterprise segment can focus more on developing their business without worrying about cyber attacks that can damage assets and disrupt company productivity," said Alfian. 

The IoT Sphere solution from Telkomsel is claimed to be able to be used across industrial sectors. This service is presented to complement the Telkomsel IoT Smart Connectivity solution ecosystem which is in line with the industrial transformation 4.0 in Indonesia.



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