Taylor Swift’s rerecorded songs are outperforming their original counterparts licensed under her previous recording label.


What makes you go through a bad heartbreak? Do you surround yourself with a lot of people? Or do you prefer to cry alone in your bedroom? Some people might want to eat buckets of ice cream. Some others might want to party right away to numb the pain. Any ways are preferable, but one thing the heartbroken nation agrees is that they had to listen to sad tunes and accept the sorrows before finally trying to move on. 

If you are in that gloomy phase now, you might want to check our recommendation, the latest grade A heartbreak tunes packed in a single re-recording album from a singer-songwriter from Nashville, Taylor Swift

It is official. Last Friday, Taylor Swift released her re-recording of the famous autumn heartbreak album “Red” with 16 original tracks along and other 11 unheard tracks from the vault—as she called—featuring collaborations with Chris Stapleton, Phoebe Bridgers, Gary Lightbody, and her fellow pop star best friend, Ed Sheeran. This season, Red (Taylor's Version) has found its way to the music chart top hit, also a big hit in 2012. 


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One of the long-awaited songs by her loyal friends is the All Too Well extended version. A decade ago, she wrote the song inspired by her dating life and her worst breakup with Jake Gyllenhaal. The song was not the title track, but it resonates with the listeners that it has special attention.

During an interview in 2012, she mentioned that she originally wrote a 10-minute version of the song before it got edited down to the usual 3 minutes long. Since then, the fans have anticipated the moment when they might hear the full version of the song.

Finally, the wishes came true just recently, All to Well 10-minutes version was released with a short film as a movie video directed by Taylor herself. 

The 10-minute song still depicts the pain of being hurt and forgotten as a young woman left by her lover, but she made it into clear sequences of story-telling by adding some details with the genius lyrical and musical aspects she has been well-known for. In the last sequence of the song, the story changed and fast-forwarded to her future self. The song's epilogue shows a beautiful transformation and the weight of the healing process to the listeners. In short, it is the closure we all need after ten years. 

The album is filled with many other famous Taylor’s breakup songs like the upbeat We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Red, Holy Ground, and I Knew You Were Trouble. The old hits that made her big are being reclaimed and owned again by Taylor Swift after being snatched away to the new owner by Scooter Braun without her consent.


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Taylor has re-recorded her previous album, "Fearless", to fight control and earnings from the owners of her early recorded music albums. She has been going through a long legal war to control her musical legacy.

Her previous company, Universal Music, which was one of the biggest music companies globally, has been effectively restricting their artists to re-record their work through a recent contract agreement—according to their attorneys and executives. Many artists seek ownership of their master recordings, which gives them more control over how their music is used. Also, it is widely known that a music label can take up to 80% of the revenue, and only the remaining 20% goes to the artist. 

Taylor Swift is not only reliving her glory through her albums rerecording, but she also shows the young musicians out there to be intelligent and strong enough to own their art and music. She is making new history in the music industry by reclaiming her creative rights.

Taylor Swift’s “Red” album’s re-recording sales have surpassed its old original version under her old label. And that proves her success once again in the music industry through songs about heartbreaks. 

So, whether you need time to scream your lungs out to relieve your anger, or you need alone time to weep and let the sorrow melt, Red (Taylor's Version) is for you. Curled up inside a blanket or jumping high on a dance floor, Red has all the right tunes for you. 


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