Mario Bros game memorabilia is being hunted by collectors at fantastic prices.


What is the classic game memorabilia in your closet? Is it a Super Mario 64 game? If it is, and it's in fairly good condition, you may have a treasure trove.

This happened when the Heritage's auction house conducted an auction on a Super Mario 64 game cartridge at a price of 1.56 million USD, or around Rp22 billion. This is a record for a classic game with a price of over 1 million USD. This achievement beats the price of the game The Legend of Zelda which reached 870,000 USD.

The Heritage auction house is known to often hold auctions of classic game world memorabilia. The acquisition of 1 million USD also surprised Heritage and it looks like this record will be difficult to break in the near future.

Super Mario 64 was released in 1996 for the Nintendo 64 console that was on sale at the time. This classic game, which was first introduced in 1985, features Mario, the plumber, in 3D.

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Sales at that time skyrocketed and became a popular game even for the Nintendo 64 console. The Super Mario game itself to date has sold more than 12 million copies worldwide with various types of games.

Regarding the game cartridge that was auctioned, the condition was called very good or pristine. This is because the cartridge is still sealed and has never been played, so it gets an A++ rating from the rating company, WataGames. Searches on the internet say, this Super Mario 64 cartridge is one of five cartridges that are still in good condition.

The high auction price for Super Mario is related to the popularity of the Mario character and the number of classic game world items that are being hunted by collectors. For info, previously a copy of the Super Mario Bros cartridge sold for  660,000 USD or around Rp9.5 billion.

Mario Bros is a game that Nintendo first launched in 1983 and was created by Shigeru Miyamoto for arcade games. Its popularity first appeared in the game Donkey Kong and until now the game has been made for various consoles.


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The interesting fact of high prices at auctions for games is actually not something new, especially related to Japanese cultural icons. Some time ago, the Pokemon Trading Card also broke a special record in terms of auction prices.

One of them is a Pokemon card that contains artwork and the signature of The Pokemon Company's President, Tsunekazu Ishihara, which sold for 250,000 USD or equivalent to Rp3.6 billion. The card is fairly rare because it was only given to employees of The Pokemon Company during the celebration of Ishihara's 60th birthday in 2017.

But the results of the Ishihara card auction are not the most expensive. A Pokemon Blastoise #009/165R Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Hologram card sold for 360,000 USD.

The ultra-rare Pokémon card was created in 1998 as a presentation piece by Magic: The Gathering maker Wizards of the Coast to convince Nintendo of Japan executives to allow it to handle the TCG's English-language release. The game would eventually make its international debut one year later in 1999.

While two Blastoise 'Presentation' cards were produced, this is the only one that has been publicly seen. Even more impressively, it has been graded at a NM/Mint+ 8.5 level by certification website CGC, meaning that the 20-plus-year-old card is in near-perfect condition. The location and state of the other Presentation card remain unknown - meaning that this may well be the only such card of its type left.


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