Milieu Insight surveyed 2,500 working individuals aged 20-65 in Southeast Asia to gather summer travel insights.


In April this year, Milieu Insight, Southeast Asia's leading consumer research firm, conducted a comprehensive survey among 2,500 working individuals aged 20-65 in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia to gain insights into their summer travel plans.

The survey shed light on factors such as willingness to travel domestically, concerns about COVID-19 safety, and the number and duration of trips planned for the year. Here are the key findings that provide a glimpse into the region's travel landscape.

Willingness to Travel and Number of Trips

The survey unveiled a positive outlook for the travel industry, with approximately 8 in 10 respondents (76%) expressing a keen interest in domestic travel within their own country. Nearly half of the respondents across the region intend to embark on at least 2 to 3 domestic trips this year.

Impact of Domestic Tourism Promotion

While the promotion of destinations plays a significant role in influencing travel decisions in most countries, Malaysia and Thailand stood out, as the promotion by their respective tourism offices proved more impactful than recommendations from family and friends. This indicates the success of domestic tourism campaigns in these countries.

COVID-19 Safety Concerns

Overall, concerns about COVID-19 safety have diminished across most of the surveyed countries. However, the Philippines displayed the highest level of concern, likely due to the reported rise in cases as indicated by the Department of Health.

Key Considerations for Domestic Travel

For domestic travel, respondents from Indonesia (69%), Thailand (66%), and Vietnam (58%) ranked travel spots and sceneries as their top considerations. In the Philippines, the safety of travel (69%) emerged as the primary concern.

Weather and Costs

While the cost of the entire vacation does influence travel decisions, especially for respondents in Indonesia (61%), Malaysia (61%), and Thailand (60%), the weather of the destination takes precedence, particularly for those in Thailand (62%) and Vietnam (55%). This reflects the concerns surrounding extreme weather events and the impacts of global warming.

Preferred Domestic Destinations and Airlines

Beach holidays are highly popular across the region, with renowned beach destinations like Boracay in the Philippines, Bali in Indonesia, Da Nang in Vietnam, Sabah in Malaysia, and Phi Phi Island in Thailand ranking first in each country. Thai respondents showed a particular preference for waterfalls as domestic travel hotspots.

In terms of airlines, national carriers such as Philippine Airlines (76%), Garuda Indonesia (74%), and Vietnam Airlines (72%) ranked first in their respective countries. However, in Malaysia (84%) and Thailand (83%), the low-cost carrier AirAsia was the airline of choice, likely due to price sensitivity among travelers in these countries.

Preferred Activities and Experiences

Southeast Asian travelers exhibited a love for food, with approximately 5 in 10 respondents planning a food trip experience. Shopping locally was a popular choice among 4 in 10 respondents from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. In the Philippines, beach holiday activities such as swimming (50%) and engaging in water sports like paragliding or parasailing (13%) ranked high. Thai respondents displayed enthusiasm for touring (65%), while museum visits were especially popular in Vietnam and Malaysia.

The survey offers valuable insights into the preferences and travel patterns of Southeast Asian travelers. Travel planners should take into consideration the desire for relaxation, diverse food experiences, and the prominence of local recommendations and promotions in shaping travel decisions in the region.

The survey conducted by Milieu Insight involved 500 respondents from each country (the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia), totaling 2,500 working individuals aged 20-65. The data collection took place in April

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