There are some indicators that your current job just isn’t working out for you.


Feeling monotonous and boring at your work is quite normal. This feeling, sometimes, ends up with deciding to quit a job. But we need to know whether it's just continuing for only a moment, or you indeed want to move on to another experience in a new place. 

There are some indicators that your current job just isn’t working out for you, and it could mean that it’s time to start looking for other opportunities. 

You aren’t improving

Your career should be moving forward in at least one direction. For some, that means climbing up the corporate ladder. For others, that means learning new skills or progressing skills they already have. No matter what your preference or vision is, you should be experiencing some kind of forward momentum. 

If you aren’t, it’s a sign that your career has become stagnant. Ask yourself this critical question: If you stay in this job for another year, how will you progress? If you don’t have an answer or don’t like the one you came up with, it’s time to quit your job and move on.

You are underusing your skills

Although often comfortable, a job that does not challenge you is one you should consider leaving. Staying in this type of situation may limit your growth potential and may also lead to feelings of complacency or frustration. This is especially true if you have requested opportunities to use different skill sets and those opportunities were denied by your manager or senior leaders.

There are no opportunities for growth

When there are no longer opportunities for growth in your organization, it is usually time to move on. Opportunities for growth are not limited to promotions or vertical advances in an organization. Opportunities can also come in the form of working on a new project, learning a new branch of the business, being mentored by a senior leader or taking on a mid-level leadership position. 

Before quitting, engage your manager and formally request this type of opportunity. If the organization is not open to any type of growth opportunity, it's a sign you should quit.

You Aren't Passionate About the Work

You’ll never have a job where you’re excited to go to work every day. You’ll always have days where you’re stressed or where you don’t feel like going to work. Passion isn’t always about excitement or happiness; it’s about thriving in your environment and being motivated to continue. 

For example, even if you’re stressed and angry about a complex problem, if you’re invested in solving that problem, you can still consider yourself passionate. If you have no real interest in your work and you’re just going through the motions, it’s time to find a different calling.

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