Seiko was inspired by five One Piece characters, namely Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, Law and Sabo


Fans of the iconic Japanese manga One Piece may have to wait until the end of 2021. Following the success of the live action series that will soon be released on one of the streaming services, it is now the turn of the watch-enthusiasts to partake in the excitement.

Seiko has officially announced that the Seiko 5 Sports One Piece Limited Edition will be available in November 2021. Although this is not the first time Seiko and One Piece have collaborated, there are many exciting things to look forward to from their relationship.

If you are a die-hard One Piece fan as well as a watch collector, you are surely aware that this Seiko x One Piece partnership is not the first time. Seiko, a prominent "trademark" from the Land of Sakura, has already issued several special One Piece collections.

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To commemorate the anime's 20th anniversary, Seiko released a cooperation with One Piece in 2019. Seiko offered a straw hat adornment as well as the icon of each Straw Hat Pirates team as a substitute for the clock number as part of this partnership. This Seiko x One Piece 2019 watch appears beautiful and distinctive with its Marine colors and features.

Seiko chose to make another cooperation collection with One Piece in 2020 after seeing the enthusiasm of One Piece fans. This time, Seiko released six Watch models to represent the five original Straw Hat Pirates crew members, as well as Luffy, who had two models in the cooperation collection at the time.

This year, Seiko 5 Sports x One Piece takes a different approach than in prior years. This time, Seiko 5 Sports x One Piece brings the color style and street style design. Seiko 5 Sports seeks to put their partnership watch into attire that is easy to mix-and-match with the wearer's everyday style, mostly with a dark color for the strap.

Fans of One Piece need not be concerned about the design of the watch. Despite being based on the concept of street style, this Seiko 5 Sports x One Piece watch has a highly distinct feature that demonstrates its partnership with One Piece. Each model has embellishments to illustrate the aesthetic of each character featured this year.

Instead than focusing just on the Straw Hat Pirates gang, the Seiko 5 Sports x One Piece line this time included Sabo and Law with the Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji watch models. These five classic icons are ready to add a pop of color to your street look.

Seiko 5 Sports x One Piece 2021 is created in a way that is appropriate for daily activities. The five latest Seiko x One Piece models are still reasonably tiny for regular use, with case dimensions of 13.5 mm x 42.5 mm x 46 mm. Despite its small weight, this clock retains the solidity of its external material. Seiko employs its flagship material, Hardlex, for the glass, which is crystal material that has been heated to make it more scratch resistant. The strap material in the five most recent Seiko collections is silicone, which gives the watch a sporty and youthful appearance.

The Seiko 5 Sports x One Piece has an automatic manual winding mechanism with a water resistance of 10 bar. If you're a serious One Piece enthusiast, you'll want to track down this collection because each model is limited to 5,000 pieces. The exclusivity is increasing because each model purchase will be accompanied by an exclusive box containing the features of each character. Inside the box is included a download card for an original illustration created specifically for this partnership.

The SRPH63K1 is named after Law, one of the "Worst Generation" pirate captains. He has the capacity to create a space in which he can manipulate anything thanks to "operation fruit." The dial is reminiscent of the pattern on Law's hat, and there is a marker adjacent to the 6 o'clock position that signifies the enigmatic "D" that some characters – including Law – have in their names. The pattern on the crown is based on the pattern on the blade of Law's beloved sword. On the rear of the case is the mark of Corazon, as well as Law's remarks, "I'm fulfilling someone's long-held yearning!!" ("I'm granting someone a long-cherished want!") Also, you can view the individual serial numbers ranging from 0001/5000 to 5000/5000.

The SRPH69K1 model was inspired by Sanji, the third son of the Vinsmoke family, who aspires to locate the "All Blue." Footprints on the dial are symbolic of Sanji's forceful kicks. "A cook's hands are his life," he says. The bezel design is inspired by Sanji's Raid Suit, with just the number 3 blacked and his signature eyebrow represented on the crown. On the rear of the case, there is a pirate chef's sign and Sanji's words "I'm going to find the ALL BLUE," as well as a serial number ranging from 0001/5000 to 5000/5000.

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The SRPH65K1 model is based on the main character Luffy, who aspires to be the pirate king. The dial bears a design that resembles the steam produced by Luffy's "Gear" skill. The bezel's scales, which steadily rise in size clockwise, represent its strength as it increases the "gears." A sign next to the 12 o'clock position is intended to represent the enigmatic "D," and the scar under Luffy's left eye adorns the crown. On the back of the case is the straw hat that the red-haired Shanks Luffy left behind, along with Luffy's words, "I'm going to be... king of the pirates!" ("I will be... Pirate King!") In addition, the individual serial number from 0001/5000 to 5000/5000 is displayed.

The SRPH67K1 model is inspired by Zoro, the swordsman and bearer of the three swords, with whom Luffy is well acquainted. The dial is adorned with a depiction of a sword that slashes with the words "Arms Haki." The black case is modeled like the haki of the blade, and the three V-shaped bars on the bezel are modeled by Zoro's weapons. The piercing sword eye pattern on the crown alludes to Zoro's mastery of the three swords. The rear of the case features designs inspired by the Wado Ichimonji sword that Zoro acquired from his close friend Kuina, Zoro's oath "I shall be the best swordsman in the world!" and the individual serial number ranging from 0001/5000 to 5000/5000.

Sabo, the sworn brother of Luffy and Ace, who served as chief of staff of the revolutionary army from a young age, inspired the model SRPH71K1. The dial is embellished with a torch pattern that represents the flames that appear when Sabo unleashes his firepower, his Ace-inherited special talent. A symbol representing the "fire fruit" that Sabo got from Ace is depicted on the crown. The bezel is uniquely marked at 2 o'clock to commemorate Sabo's status as the number 2 in the Revolutionary Army. The image of the hat Ace always wore, Sabo's words "It's up to us...... to fulfill his will!!!" and the individual serial number from 0001/5000 to 5000/5000 are printed on the case back.

Each of these watches is already available in Indonesia. The price set for one model is Rp. 4.9 million to Rp. 5.8 million.



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