Mercedes quietly introduces the bulletproof car that heads of state usually use.


Vehicle needs for VIPs such as heads of state or company leaders are different from the needs of the general public. In addition to luxury, the car must meet the elements of security to the most extreme level. For example, heavy weapons attacks and explosions.

This feature is offered in the latest model Mercedes Benz S680 Guard 4Matic, an armoured vehicle model from the premium S Class sedan segment. Mercedes Benz introduced this model last week in front of exclusive consumers, far from media information that makes this model quite a secret regarding client safety.

The new S680 Guard is VPAM VR10 certified, the highest level of security that a civilian vehicle can have. Some of the tests that the S680 must pass are the body panels and glass that can withstand the brunt of bullets from automatic assault weapons. This level VR10 can withstand a 7.62x54R calibre bullet or two hand grenade blasts.

Increased safety is also obtained from the use of Michelin PAX run-flat tires (RFT), which can carry the car in a deflated state as far as 30.5 kilometres. In addition, there is a separate fire suppression system, and a clean air system is available if the S680 user gets an attack using fire, smoke or gas. However, each model that is delivered to consumers has security specifications that are kept secret for the sake of client security.


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"No other series-produced saloon fulfills the highest protection class for civilian vehicles quite as comprehensively," Dirk Fetzer, Head of Product Management of the S-Class, said in a statement. "And at the same time quality and durability are at series standard, thanks for extensive development and testing activities. The new special protection version protects what matters."

The security side can be seen from the thickness of the car door. Mercedes uses several hinges to help the security unit open and close the door as quickly as the regular S model. Not many passengers of the S680 Guard will open and close the car door by themselves. This feature can help their guards operate the door with one hand while the other hand is on standby if an attack comes.

For maximum safety results in their vehicles, Mercedes creates realistic tests using biofidelic dummies. While test dummies usually consist of only human-like shapes, biofidelic test dummies are made to resemble humans by creating internal organs, bones, faces, ligaments, and tendons. The materials used consist of epoxy resin, aluminium powder, propylene webbing, and silicone and acrylic.

This car that weighs up to 5 tons uses the same engine as the Maybach S680 model. The twin-turbo 6.0 litre V12 engine under the hood produces power up to 604 HP and 830 NM of torque, bringing the car to a speed of 180 km per hour.


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The V12 engine is mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission. Some of the adjusted parts, such as suspension and steering, make the driving experience much more comfortable and quickly avoid emergency situations due to the enormous weight of the vehicle.

The interior is Maybach class with the personalization that clients can request. The new S680 removes the sunroof for safety and instead provided a seating formation with ample legroom.

These various security features must be redeemed at a reasonably high price. The S680 Guard is available in the European market for $650,000 or around Rp 9 billion or six times the price of the regular S model.

This Mercedes Benz S Guard some time ago also attracted attention in Indonesia. This state car of the President of Indonesia has been used for years, and in 2019, it received an update. Several times the president's car broke down while in use.

Unfortunately, for those interested in buying a Mercedes-Benz S Guard, this model cannot be bought in Indonesia. Perhaps because its specifications are equivalent to armoured military vehicles, it requires special treatment. Also, it is vulnerable to use by irresponsible parties.


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