Apart from looking good, smelling good could be one of the ways to attract people you are interacting with, whether it is just for casual or business meetings.


Almost everyone in the world needs perfume, whether they frequently use it or once in a while on special occasions. A fragrant body can increase your self-confidence when meeting other people. Aside from that, perfume can actually divert bad moods into good ones. Hence, perfume is one of the essential ingredients to a successful meeting. Additionally, perfumes are mostly easy to carry. 

After investigating, there are many recommended perfumes originally made in Indonesia that offers a variety of attractive fragrances. Local perfumes are equally fragrant and durable. Some of them are niche fragrance which is quite different from Eau de toilette and Eau de Perfume. Consider niche fragrance as the artisan tea of many tea choices in Indonesia. 

Take a look at some of the recommended local perfumes.

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Euodia Parfums
Euodia Parfums neatly packaged their perfumes in a glass bottle with a wooden lid. Also stored in a wooden box, Euodia Parfums is a perfume brand from Banten. It offers 5 scents: Freese, Gerania, Nicotiana, Iridace, and Salvia. All are offered in various sizes, namely 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, and 100 ml priced at starting Rp139,000 to Rp799,000.

For those who prefer solid perfumes, this brand also offers this type of perfume which is packed in a wooden case. The brand also released its newest offer, the discovery set, and travel sets. To grab their products, you can either visit their physical stores where they also sell their home essential products called Euodia Home which is available now at Lakon Mall Kelapa Gading, or visit their official website and e-commerces. 

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Carl & Claire
One of the niche fragrances, Carl and Claire is a perfume local brand from Jakarta. Every bottle of the fragrances is processed through long research and testing to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. 

The brand's favorite is the Delicate and Black Orchid. They offer men's and women's perfumes. The fragrance can last until 10 hours. Additionally, the brand offers a 30-day guarantee which offers an exchange of the perfume in case the customers do not like the scent with terms and conditions. 

The products can be bought at their physical stores located at Mall Kelapa Gading 2 and Pondok Indah Mall 2 or their official website and e-commerces. Their prices range from Rp129,000 to Rp558,000.

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HMNS, pronounced as "humans", recently made the headlines as it headed to Fashion Division's Paris Fashion Show. Founded in 2019 on the day the company found a perfumer who has been making perfume for two decades, the company believes in perfumes that are empowering. 

HMNS is one of the local Eau de Parfum products. Trending on social media, especially Twitter, their favorite product is the HMNS Orgasm which indulges the warm and lingering vanilla scent. The products can only be ordered from Instagram and e-commerces. Temporarily, their official website is still on maintenance. 

The product's price starts from Rp 145,000 and the HMNS Orgasm is priced at Rp 313,000. 

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