Unlock Unforgettable Polar Adventures in Quark Expeditions' Arctic 2025 Season


Quark Expeditions, the renowned global leader in polar adventures, is setting a new course for adventurous travelers with the launch of its Arctic 2025 season. Under the theme "Rethink Your Bucket List," the company is encouraging travelers to break away from ordinary and overcrowded travel destinations and instead embark on unique polar adventures in the remote Arctic.

In an effort to inspire travelers to choose the road less traveled, Quark Expeditions is offering an enticing early booking bonus of $1,000 for those who opt for distinctive polar experiences in the Arctic's pristine landscapes.

Wendy Batchelor, Vice President of Marketing for Quark Expeditions, commented on the changing landscape of global travel, saying, "Now that global travel is back in a big way, industry watchers have observed that many travelers are heading to the same destinations—in large numbers—and taking the very same selfies." She added, "For our Arctic 2025 season, we invite travelers to go bold and take the less-traveled route away from the metropolises of Rome and New York and instead explore remote Arctic destinations like Svalbard, Greenland, or the Canadian High Arctic. We want to inspire people to rethink their bucket list dreams, get off the beaten track, and return home with travel stories no other destination can provide."

Quark Expeditions' Arctic 2025 season boasts a diverse range of 12 itineraries, including four new ones:

  • West Greenland Ice Odyssey: Glaciers and Icebergs
  • Ultimate Arctic Voyage: From Svalbard to Jan Mayen to Iceland
  • Wild Fjords of South Greenland: Land of the Vikings
  • Adventures in Northeast Greenland: Glaciers, Fjords, and the Northern Lights

This season's lineup has been carefully curated to offer guests options for varying trip lengths and off-ship experiences, many of which are supported by Ultramarine's two twin-engine helicopters. Wendy Batchelor emphasized the unique polar dreams Quark Expeditions aims to fulfill, stating, "Another element that was extremely important to us when we created this season lineup was to allow travelers to fulfill very unique polar dreams. If you want to explore the legendary Northwest Passage, we've got you covered. If you dream of flying in a helicopter and then landing on the Greenland Ice Sheet, we can make that happen."

The Arctic 2025 season by Quark Expeditions is set to run from May to October, offering travelers an extended window to embark on their polar adventures. With a commitment to enriching lives through extraordinary travel experiences, Quark Expeditions continues to be the go-to choice for those seeking the ultimate polar adventure.

For more information and to explore all the itineraries in the Arctic 2025 season, visit Quark Expeditions' official website.

About Quark Expeditions
With over 30 years of experience, Quark Expeditions is the global leader in polar adventures. Their dedicated team of passionate experts takes explorers to the ends of the earth, delivering extraordinary experiences and enriching lives through travel. As a specialist company under Travelopia, Quark Expeditions is known for going where few ever dream and walking where few ever will.

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