Manchester United cover Ronaldo's transfer fee by selling shirts.


Stories about Cristiano Ronaldo in the Premier League do not stop. In addition to the various goals he has created for Manchester United, other achievements are interesting to see.

One of them is from the sale of Ronaldo's soccer shirt with the number 7 on his back. Manchester United recorded an increase in sales to reach a record 187 million pounds. Quoted from the sales site LoveTheSales, this achievement is the fastest in the history of shirt sales in the Premier League.

This total sale was able to fully cover the costs incurred by United to bring back Ronaldo of £12.9 million. The sales figures above were even achieved before the star kicked the ball at Old Trafford some time ago.

Ronaldo's football shirt sales achievement beat Messi's jersey at Paris Saint Germain. The former Barcelona player recorded a jersey sales figure of £103.8 million when he announced his move to the French football club.


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This amount is double the sales of Messi jerseys with the number 30. Commission for the sale of the Adidas brand of 13.1 million pounds.

"We are tracking record breaking sales of 'Ronaldo 7' football kits across online retailers, to the point where demand is now outweighing supply. Online searches for the 'Ronaldo 7' shirts have increased by over 600%, compared to last summer's football shirt data. This is proving to be the signing of the summer for Manchester United. Not only has Ronaldo smashed the record for the fastest selling shirt in Premier League history, he's also made back his £12.9m transfer fee before kicking a ball for the club." said Stuart McClure, co-founder of shopping marketplace, in an official statement.

In addition, based on more than 1,000 global data from sportswear retailers, a list shows football stars whose shirts are purchased the most. For this 21/22 season, Cristiano Ronaldo is in the first place. The second position is occupied by new Manchester City player Jack Grealish. The third position is occupied by Ronaldo's colleague at United and Portugal, Bruno Fernandes.

The fourth position is Romelu Lukaku, who this season returned to Chelsea from Inter Milan. The fifth position is once again United's Paul Pogba. United still dominate the top 10 list, with Jadon Sancho in 10th position. From position six to ninth, there are names like Mohammed Salah and Virgil Van Dijk from Liverpool, Harry Kane from Tottenham Hotspur and Kevin De Bruyne from Manchester City.

Regarding the team's popularity through the sale of soccer shirts and accessories, the LovetheSales team has also collected data. Some of the factors that make a football team more popular come from the achievements presented and the new players who have strengthened the team this season.

The list of 92 teams puts Manchester United in the first place, up to three spots from last season. The second position is Chelsea, who won the Champions League last season. Liverpool is in third place.

Arsenal, who have a solid fan base, dropped three places from last season and are now in fourth place. Manchester City is listed in the fifth position.

The top ten teams with the most popular jersey sales from positions six to 10 are Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham in position seven, up to one place from last year. Then there is Leicester in the eighth position, up to eleven places from last season and continuing with Aston Villa and Everton.


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Thanks to the arrival of Ronaldo, Sancho and Varane this year, sales of Adidas Manchester United shirts rose by 62 per cent year on year. Chelsea, with a victory in the Champions League, shirt sales rose 16 per cent.

Liverpool, which had just collaborated with Nike the previous season, experienced a decline in sales of up to 8 per cent year on year. Liverpool's new jersey design was first introduced last June.

For Arsenal's case, this year's jersey sales have fallen by 42 per cent year on year since its introduction in June 2021. Arsenal's position is ranked 4th and is the fastest decline in sales for new jersey models this season.

Manchester City, in collaboration with Puma, offers attractive designs that are out of the box. Sales of the Manchester blue team jersey rose 17 per cent compared to last year's sales data. City is still a team to be reckoned with the presence of Jack Grealish, making jersey sales increase.

With a new design from Nike, Tottenham Hotspurs actually recorded a sales decline of up to 8 per cent compared to last year's sales data. Interestingly, the data shows that Harry Kane's number 9 jersey sales have decreased by 91 per cent compared to the previous year. Maybe because of Kane wanting to leave Spurs at the start of the season, which made this sale decline.


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