Here's an outlook on how to prepare yourself for the "fierce year" ahead.


The Water Tiger year will start on February 1, 2022. Some Chinese zodiac signs such as Horse, Dog, and Pig will benefit tremendously from the Water Tiger year, while others might not be so lucky.

It was a Fire Tiger year in 1986 that inspired Susan Levitt to make the jump from working in an architectural firm to becoming an astrologer and tarot card reader. While 2022 will be a Water element year, the same sense of urgency and boldness will apply to any profession.

Levitt explained that people tended to make big decisions during the Water Tiger years and move on from their current state. This year, the year of the Tiger will also bring about intense emotions and big decisions.
Because of its bold and intense personality, the Water Tiger sign is known for its ability to do anything. In honor of the Year of the Tiger, here are some things to know about it.

Tiger's personality trait

The traits of tigers are also reflected in the Chinese zodiac personality of this animal. People of this sign are very bold and are driven to achieve their goals. Despite their positive attributes, Tiger signs have some drawbacks, such as their tendency to be rebellious and quick-tempered.

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How the Water Tiger will affect you

The yearly cycle for the Water Tiger sign is 12 years. Since there are five elements, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood, the year of Water Tiger occurs every 60 years. The last Water Tiger year was in 1962. 

According to Levitt, the Year of the Tiger can bring about dramatic and intense changes, especially in relationships and professional development. However, some people may get burned out despite the potential rewards due to the lack of common ground.

It's also true that Tigers are prone to suffering from misfortune during their own year. However, despite their bad luck, they can still achieve great things once they overcome the obstacles they might face. For Levitt, the Year of the Tiger will give them the confidence to take on bold and risky decisions.

The meaning behind the Water element

For the upcoming year, it will also be a Water element. According to Levitt, this element can trigger creativity, empathy, and sensitivity. It's also considered the most potent natural force in the world.

Levitt said that since 2022 will be the Year of the Water Tiger, people should start taking on more risks. For some, this will allow them to explore their passion.

Fear and indecisiveness are some of the negative traits that can come with the Tiger's attribute. For these individuals overcoming these obstacles can be challenging.

Compatible zodiac signs

The Chinese zodiac signs compatible with the Water Tiger include Pig, Horse, and Dog. According to these signs, being receptive to the animal's wild and creative energy will allow people to enjoy the rewards of vibing with a Water Tiger.

Incompatible zodiac signs

Although the Water Tiger energy can be beneficial for some, signs such as Ox, Monkey, Rat, and Snake might find it uncomfortable. For them, it can bring unpredictable results and actions. Levitt also noted that their lack of enthusiasm could be detrimental to their well-being.

Although Water Tiger's creativity can be inspiring, the attention-shy Monkey may not feel like they are being rewarded this year. Instead, the signs may feel like they're being forced to follow a particular path.

The in-between zodiac signs

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The Dragon and Rooster are expected to perform well in 2022's Year of the Tiger. However, they may have to overcome some power struggles to maintain their enthusiasm for the year.

Sheep are also expected to do well since the energy of the Water Tiger will make them more sociable. However, they must also make sure that they rest. Additionally, Levitt suggests that Rabbit people wrap up, tie loose ends, and prepare for their year in 2023.



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