Andi Farid Izdihar (Andi Gilang) sets a record for racers from Indonesia.


Indonesian racer Andi Farid Izdihar reaped positive results in the Moto3 Austria 2021 event. The racer, who is better known as Andi Gilang, successfully won points in the race at the Red Bull Ring Circuit, Sunday (15/8/2021).

Izdihar, who started from position 25, had to work hard during the race session. The leading starting position was occupied by Romano Fenati from the Sterilgarda Max Racing Team, the second position was Tatsuki Suzuki from the SIC58 Squadra Corse Team, and Jeremy Alcoba from the Indonesian Racing Gresini Moto3.

After working hard to catch up with other riders, Izdihar, a racer for the Honda Asia team, managed to finish in 15th position. He performed brilliantly by passing two riders at once at the last corner. This result made Izdihar managed to get one point.

This point is crucial for the racer from Bulukumba because Izdihar is currently in the 28th position in the Moto3 standings. Izdihar collected three points from the 2021 race. Apart from the Austrian GP, ​​he also got points at the French GP and German GP.


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Izdihar is in a better position than Daniel Holgado of KTM, Lorenzo Fellon of Honda, Joel Kelso of KTM, Takuma Matsuyama, Alberto Surra and David Salvador of Honda.

This result also made Izdihar the first Indonesian racer to win three points in three races. Previously, Indonesian racer Doni Tata Pradita managed to collect two points in two race series. Pradita then competed in the 250cc class in 2008 with the Yamaha Indonesia Pertamina Team. Pradita finished in 15th position at the Chinese GP.

Furthermore, Pradita got points in the Moto2 class in 2013 when he joined the Federal Oil Gresini 2 team. Pradita again finished in 15th position when appearing in Moto2 Australia.

Izdihar must maintain the momentum by presenting a maximum performance for the rest of the season. There are still seven series remaining in the race this season and made him able to add points.

A short story about Izdihar's career journey, a racer who was born on August 14, 1997, who has known the world of racing since he was 8 years old by participating in a local championship in Bulukumba. He then participated in the coaching program for young drivers from Astra Honda Racing in 2010.

During the 2011-2013 period, Izdihar appeared in the Indospeed Race Series championship using a Honda CBR150R. He also appeared in the Motoprix Region 2 championship with Motoprix Region 2 by defending the Honda Daya Golden Team.

Izdihar once represented West Java Province at the XIX National Sports Week in the motorcycle racing branch. He presented gold in the individual Underbone A and silver in the Underbone A Team event.


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Izdihar's international career began in 2014 when he participated in the 2014 Asia Dream Cup championship. At that time, he was in 6th place. Continuing in 2015, he participated in the Asia Talent Cup and immediately won the race at the Losail circuit.

Izdihar also won the 2nd podium in the Sepang Malaysia series. In total, he collected 104 points and was ranked 9th in the 2015 season final standings. He also tried the Suzuka 4 Hour Arena with Aditya Pangestu, who finished in 2nd position.

His performance improved further in 2016 when he competed in the Asia Talent Cup by winning the podium several times. Izdihar won in the second race of the Qatar series, the first race of the 3 and 6 series at Sepang Malaysia. His rival was a Thai racer, Somkiat Chantra, who eventually won the Asia Talent Cup.

His work continues at CEV Moto3 Junior through the Astra Honda Racing Team. The first season in Europe closed with the 32nd position to finish 15th in the Algarve series, Portugal. His career continued in the 2017 season and came in 17th in the CEV Moto3 final standings.

Izdihar was then given the trust of Astra Honda Racing to drive the CBR600RR in the Asia Road Racing Championship in the Supersport 600 class. He closed the series in the fifth position in the final standings.


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