Would you tell us your favourite Indonesian artist?


Last 2020, Spotify released Spotify Wrapped 2020 across Southeast Asia. 

So the result is, BTS has been the favorite among Southeast Asian users.  They topped the list of the most-streamed artists in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

However, some countries like Indonesia and the Philippines were won by the country’s artists. BTS lost the title of most-streamed artist in the Philippines as they were (beaten) by Ben&Ben, a local folk-pop group.

In Indonesia, the ranking is led by Pamungkas, a Jakarta singer-songwriter. Fiersa Besari sat in the second followed by Hindia (aka Baskara Putra) in the third. The fourth and the fifth place were held by Tulus and the late Glenn Fredly, who died earlier in 2020.

Pamungkas has been a sensational artist in Indonesia. Pamungkas managed to break the record for the longest time topping the Indonesian Top 50 charts on the Spotify streaming music service.

Citing a press release on Wednesday (28/4), the song topped the Indonesia Top 50 for seven consecutive weeks, beating Weird Genius feat's Lathi song. Sara Fajira was only able to survive for six consecutive weeks.

"To The Bone" itself has started topping Spotify's Indonesia Top 50 chart since March 9, 2021. After that, the song with a duration of more than five minutes has consistently been at the top until April 27, 2021. 


"To The Bone" is one of the songs in Pamungkas' second solo album titled "Flying Solo" which was released last 2019. To date, the song has been played 50.6 million times on Spotify.

"To The Bone" was viral because it was used as a video background on the social media platform TikTok. Former soccer player Bambang Pamungkas also sang the song which was also viral on social media.

While in Singapore,  JJ Lin sat on top of the list, followed by  Stefanie Sun came in second and Gentle Bones was third. Tanya Chua was fourth and Jasmine Sokko was number five.

On the other hand, in Thailand, their local artists Three Man Down and the duo SCRUBB topped the chart. Following them in the local list were BOWKYLION, the Brit-rock trio Tilly Birds, and Stamp.

Den and Chillies were the third and fifth most-streamed artists on Vietnam’s list. Both of them topped the local list as well. These two were followed by Son Tùng MTP, Bich Phuong and Hoang Thuy Linh.

But anyway, would you let us know who’s your favorite artist? 


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