Handheld PC to Feature HoloISO Instead, Leaving Gamers Surprised


In a surprising turn of events, Ayaneo has reversed its initial announcement regarding the operating system for the Ayaneo Next Lite, causing a stir among consumers eagerly anticipating the handheld PC. Initially claiming the device would come pre-installed with SteamOS, Ayaneo has now clarified that it will feature a third-party version of the app known as HoloISO.

The controversy emerged when Ayaneo officially revealed more details about the Next Lite on its Discord channel, stating, "We are using third-party SteamOS, not official SteamOS," as reported by The Verge. This announcement contradicted the earlier promise of being the first handheld PC, not affiliated with Valve, to run SteamOS by default.

On its official product page, Ayaneo explained the decision, noting that the Next Lite would now come preinstalled with HoloISO. The HoloISO project aims to replicate the Steam Deck's SteamOS Holo redistribution in a generic, installable format, providing a SteamOS-like experience. TheVakhovskelsTaken, the creator of HoloISO, expressed that the project focused on re-implementing proprietary components for a SteamOS-like experience.

Ayaneo asserts that the HoloISO version it uses has been optimized for the Next Lite, promising enhanced stability, lower power consumption during gameplay, controller and touchscreen compatibility, and more. Despite the switch from SteamOS, Ayaneo assures users that the device will still retain many features found in Valve's Steam Deck.

The company's initial misinformation regarding the use of SteamOS has left consumers puzzled, with no clear explanation for the change. Fortunately, other technical specifications mentioned in the Next Lite's announcement remain accurate. The device is still expected to boast a 7-inch 800P IPS screen, a 47Wh battery, and hall-sensing joysticks.

The Ayaneo Next Lite's deviation from the initially promised SteamOS has sparked discussions within the gaming community. Users are now left to weigh the benefits of HoloISO against the anticipated features of SteamOS, as the handheld PC market continues to evolve with new and unexpected developments.

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