Honda, finally announced the revival of its classic favorite 1969 Dax ST125 mini-motorcycle.


The world-leading automotive company, Honda, finally announced the revival of its 1969 Dax ST125 mini-motorcycle. As part of the brand’s most popular offerings, MiniMOTOs, it is on par in popularity with the Cub, Grom, and Monkey. Its name “Dax” is derived from “Dachshund,” the petite dog breed. The round yet sleek build does remind one of the sausage dogs.

Supported by the popularity of other retro-inspired Honda launches such as Monkey 125, Super Cub C125, and MSX125 Grom, Honda is determined to introduce its new take on the classic ST-series Dax in 2023. This has been highly rumored back in its home in Japan. However, a trademark filing in Europe for the name ‘Honda ST125’ seals the deal for automotive enthusiasts to rejoice.

This revival follows the relaunch of 125cc Monkey and the Super Cub, as well as the Trail Cub/Hunter Cub this year - reviving it as the CT125.

The new Dax ST125
The unveiled ST125 trademark filing also provided some sneak peek of the upcoming revived version of the bike. Like its predecessors, the new version will be based on the Super Cub’s engine, which is a Euro 5-compliant 125cc two-valve engine, air-cooled single making 9.5bhp and 7.7lbft at 7500rpm and 5000rpm respectively.

The engine, along with a four-speed transmission, also powers the current version of Honda miniMOTO Super Cub and Monkey, with the latter having a slightly tweaked performance figure of 9.2hp at 7000rpm and 8.1lbft at 5250rpm.

The 2023 Dax bike is said to retain its classic steel frame chassis, thick leather seat, and tall handlebars. The retro look will also be enhanced by 31mm forks, 12-inch five-spoke wheels, a raised muffler design, LCD dashboard, LED head and taillights, twin rear shocks, a four-speed gearbox, and chrome fenders. It bears a puny looking 1.5-gallon fuel tank that is claimed to be able to run up to 150 miles.

The motorcycles are planned to come in “Pearl Cadet Grey” and “Pearl Nebula Red” will be initially available exclusively in Europe. In addition, Honda is said to have also applied for rights to the name Trailsport in the USA.

The history of the Dax
The original Dax was launched in 1969 followed by ST50, ST70 and ST90 forms over the years. The series is popularly known as ‘Dax’ in Japan and under the ‘Trailsport’ name in the USA.

Production of the series in various updates continued until 2000, sharing engines with the Cub scooter models. Some featured a distinctive pressed-steel frame with a thick horizontal backbone connecting the headstock to the seat. Meanwhile, the engine slung stylishly underneath. A modest Monkey-style suspension along with small, fat-tyred wheels completed the ST/Dax image.

Over the three decades, one of the most notable versions is probably the chopper-style ST50-C that came with ape-hangers and a seat backrest.

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