Commitment to Conservation: Novotel and WWF Partner to Protect Ocean Health


Novotel, the founding brand of Accor, has launched an ambitious international partnership with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) aimed at safeguarding the world's oceans through science-driven initiatives and conservation projects. This collaboration underscores Novotel's commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability on a global scale.

Under the three-year agreement spanning from 2024 to 2027, WWF France will lend its technical expertise to Novotel's 580 hotels worldwide. The partnership aims to integrate sustainable practices across Novotel's operations, focusing on reducing marine pollution, promoting sustainable fishing models, and advancing scientific research for ocean health.

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Novotel's Chief Commercial Officer, Karelle Lamouche, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Novotel is embarking on an exciting new chapter by championing global sustainability. Through this partnership with WWF, we are committed to leading the charge toward a sustainable future for our oceans, fostering environmental stewardship in our hotels, and driving industry-wide change."

The partnership will see Novotel implementing a comprehensive three-year action plan, aligned with the United Nations' ocean-related priorities, to reduce its environmental footprint. This includes initiatives to minimize plastic usage, enhance sustainable food practices, educate stakeholders about ocean conservation, and invest in innovative solutions.

Yann Laurans, Conservation Director at WWF France, highlighted the importance of strategic partnerships in restoring ocean health, emphasizing, "WWF is dedicated to working with global leaders like Novotel to reduce ecological footprints and contribute positively to the environment. We are confident that our scientific expertise will help drive meaningful change within Novotel and across the hospitality sector."

Novotel's commitment to ocean conservation extends beyond operational changes to supporting WWF's conservation projects worldwide. These efforts include protecting marine biodiversity, combating marine pollution, and promoting sustainable fishing practices.

Brune Poirson, Chief Sustainability Officer at Accor, emphasized, "Novotel's partnership with WWF marks a pivotal moment in its history, demonstrating a resolute commitment to biodiversity and climate action. This initiative aligns with Accor's broader goals of achieving global carbon neutrality and eliminating single-use plastics."

Founded in 1967 in France, Novotel has grown to become a global leader in the midscale hotel segment, with a presence in 65 countries and a workforce of 42,000 dedicated "Heartists" serving over 30 million guests annually.

The Novotel-WWF partnership not only underscores Novotel's dedication to sustainability but also sets a precedent for collaborative efforts to protect our planet's most vital ecosystems. As the hospitality industry increasingly acknowledges its impact on the environment, initiatives like these are pivotal in driving positive change and inspiring global action for a sustainable future.

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