I Putu Aris Sanjaya Putra Crowned Best Bartender in Indonesia, Heads to Shanghai for Global Competition


Diageo, the global leader in the alcoholic beverage industry, has once again held the Diageo World Class Indonesia Final, an annual event that brings together the best bartenders from bars across Indonesia to showcase their skills. In a final presentation attended by key figures in the hospitality world, the judges this evening crowned the best bartender to represent Indonesia at the Diageo World Class global competition in Shanghai, China, scheduled for September 2024.

The Diageo World Class Indonesia Final is part of the annual Diageo World Class event by Diageo, which has been running for 13 years. This event has inspired over 400,000 bartenders worldwide to explore creativity and innovation in presenting the best cocktails. Since May 2024, Diageo has initiated its competition series in Indonesia, inviting eight top bartenders from Jakarta, Malang, Surabaya, and Bali to join the semifinals and finals at Bimasena the Dharmawangsa Jakarta on Wednesday (12/6).

“This year, Diageo is celebrating 15 years of hosting Diageo World Class, an event that has been an extraordinary source of inspiration for many around us. The Diageo World Class event helps partners, bartenders, and bar owners to better understand responsible drinking culture and explore premium cocktails from Diageo's premium brands, which carry a long heritage and story,” said Alefiyah Sarma, President Director of Diageo Indonesia.

Alefiyah added, “The mission of Diageo World Class aligns closely with Diageo's efforts to build appreciation for cocktails, to savor every sip of a cocktail presented by a bartender.” Alefiyah emphasized that the fine drinking theme brought by Diageo World Class this year underscores Diageo's commitment to always practice responsible production and marketing of alcoholic beverages.

Through the work produced and skills honed during this event, Diageo World Class also plays a role in improving the quality of alcoholic beverages in Indonesia. “We highly appreciate the steps taken by Diageo through Diageo World Class, which promotes innovation in the beverage industry, particularly the alcoholic beverage industry, to support the tourism sector. Alcoholic beverages also contributed to Indonesia's product exports in 2023 worth 14 million USD. This value can still be increased. We are optimistic that this event will also be an opportunity for Indonesia to introduce Indonesian products globally and provide access for the domestic industry to meet the needs of alcoholic beverages for the tourism sector and increase exports," said Merrijantij Punguan Pintaria, Director of Beverage, Tobacco Products, and Refreshing Ingredients Industry, Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin).

Cocktails: A Blend of Bartending Science and Art

Diageo World Class Indonesia Final invites and challenges talented bartenders to create innovative cocktails using premium brands from Diageo, namely Don Julio and The Singleton. Each bartender will create two cocktails mixing Don Julio tequila and The Singleton single malt and present them to the judges.

“Cocktails are the perfect blend of bartending art and science. Each drink has an interesting story to tell, from premium raw materials to the techniques used to mix them. Diageo World Class encourages bartenders to explore these stories and convey them to consumers. Beyond taste, enjoying cocktails becomes an immersive experience that deserves appreciation,” said Adrian Michalcik, Diageo World Class Winner 2022 and final judge of Diageo World Class 2024 Indonesia.

He continued, “Bartending is a profession that requires skills honed through various training and competitions. Bartenders must understand the uniqueness of Don Julio tequila or The Singleton single malt to present extraordinary ideas and drink recipes. Diageo World Class emphasizes quality and expertise, and we want to see the creativity and innovation of bartenders and hear the extraordinary stories behind the cocktails they create.”

Besides Adrian, the judging panel at the Diageo World Class Indonesia Final included Group Head Bar Manager at Union Group Kiki Moka, Global Relationships Director Nolet Distillery Schiedam Holland Dennis Tamse, and Whisky Educator and Founder of Highlander Inn Jakarta Andrew Soetiono. The judges will be looking for more than just delicious cocktail flavors; they will also consider the art and stories behind each creation, including creativity and presentation.

The Diageo World Class event is part of the Diageo Bar Academy, which is committed to providing training and resources that are easily accessible to those in the hospitality industry to create a sustainable, inclusive, and advanced industry. In Indonesia, the Diageo Bar Academy has been running since 2010 and has trained more than 30,000 professionals in Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Bali, and Makassar.

During the Diageo World Class 2024 Indonesia Final, Merrijantij also expressed his hopes and appreciation for this competition, “We see the extraordinary impact of the Diageo World Class initiative. This program shows how businesses can actively contribute to improving the quality of players in their respective industries. By promoting an inclusive environment, Diageo World Class advances industry standards and creates opportunities for Indonesians to continue developing their potential and contributing to sustainable economic growth and development.”

At the highly anticipated Indonesia Final, I Putu Aris Sanjaya Putra from Sycro Base Bali was announced as the winner of Diageo World Class Indonesia 2024, surpassing 100 other contestants. He will undergo various training sessions to prepare to represent Indonesia at the Diageo World Class Global Final 2024 in Shanghai, China, competing against other top bartenders from 60 countries.

Aris, Diageo World Class Indonesia Winner 2024, expressed, “I am very happy and proud to be part of Diageo World Class 2024. My victory in the Indonesia Final is the first step towards international stages, and with Diageo, I will bring extraordinary Indonesian cocktail creations to Shanghai. This victory is a shared victory with other Indonesian bartenders who were here today, showcasing our best skills to the judges. I hope what my fellow bartenders and I achieved today at the Diageo World Class Indonesia event can inspire other bartenders to always hone their skills and explore Indonesian cocktail stories, becoming professional bartenders to advance Indonesian tourism.”

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