Durianpay provides optimized, reliable, and easy-to-integrate payments for businesses


Digital payments have recently gained broad acceptance. The community's broad usage of digital payment methods encourages business owners to follow suit. But the payment system is still fragmented, slow, and inefficient. As a result, Durianpay is an all-in-one digital payment solution.

It is a new way of thinking about non-cash payments that are more practical, efficient, and safe in any transaction where electronic media is used. Internet banking, mobile banking, and electronic wallets can all be used to make payments.

Digital payment transactions surged from Rp 145 trillion in 2019 to Rp 205 trillion in 2020, according to Bank Indonesia data. This was driven by consumers, particularly in metropolitan areas, who are increasingly using digital wallets via their smartphones for various daily purposes.

This digital transaction, especially for e-commerce enterprises, has its own set of challenges. This is because digital transactions are currently fragmented, tedious, and inefficient, which causes a high checkout drop-off rate. Manual verification and reconciliation are also replete with errors and fraud.

Durianpay, a payment aggregator firm, seeks a solution to this condition. Antara Sara Mathai, Kumar Puspesh, and Natasha Ardiani founded the company in 2020.

"We realize that the B2C payment market in Indonesia has risen rapidly, but it has not been followed by payment solutions for businesses that are optimal, dependable, and simple to integrate," Natasha, Co-founder and COO of Durianpay, said.

Some payment B2B SaaS (software as a service) players' solutions require extensive integration or demand business owners to undertake a lot of manual intervention for payment reconciliation.

"Most of them also charge small business owners excessive fees. To solve this issue, we introduce products that can bridge the technology gap. "In order to tackle this problem, we innovate by introducing items that can bridge the market's technological divide," she stated.

Durianpay offers a codeless interface and access to many payment systems, allowing enterprises to swiftly automate workflows and set up payment infrastructures.

"The checkout and payment processes are entirely configurable and may be changed by the business owner," Natasha says.

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Natasha says Durianpay is one of many B2B fintech companies quickly rising across the world, including in China and the U.S.

"Many firms are competing to build the future global commerce infrastructure. Durianpay was inspired by this global trend to build Southeast Asian internet commerce infrastructure, starting from Indonesia," she said.

"We want to make it easier for consumers to purchase goods and services and for businesses to trade across international borders. We want to be your one-stop payment shop," Natasha said.

Simplifying business-to-consumer interactions

Durianpay aims to modernize and democratize payment options for Southeast Asian enterprises.

"Durianpay aims to simplify business-to-consumer interactions by accepting payments via bank transfers, e-money, retail transactions, credit cards, and BNPLs (buy now, pay later)," said Natasha.

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Durianpay keeps innovating to keep up with the market and eventually allows any business to accept payments for anything at any place.

The woman who was born on January 27, 1990, in Surabaya, said Durianpay has several qualities that set it apart from other platforms. For instance, customers can pay for one item with two or more different payment types. 

There is also the promo tool, which lets businesses quickly choose promotions based on payment methods, as well as a refund management tool that allows people to get their money back automatically and more quickly.

"We only charge costs if the payment is received and the [item] is delivered successfully," she explained.





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