Musik Bagus Indonesia kicked off their NFT project by releasing the NFT collection depicting illustrations of the late pop legend.


Musik Bagus Indonesia has initiated an NFT project of its own. And for the first NFT to come to its platform, the Indonesian record label launched an NFT collection inspired by the late pop singer, Glenn Fredly.

Musik Bagus Indonesia released the Glenn Fredly NFT collection on February 22, 2022. On releasing the NFT, the company collaborated with the digital asset marketplace Meteor, who provided the system for the NFT purchasing on the Musik Bagus Indonesia’s website.

The Glenn Fredly NFT collection consists of a series of illustrations depicting the singer, who died from meningitis in 2020 aged 44. 

The collection comes in three versions, namely ‘common’, ‘epic’, and ‘legendary’. The common version has a total of 222 NFTs priced at 0.025. Whereas the epic version has 22 NFTs sold for 0.07 ETH, and the legendary version has 2 NFTs priced at 0.025 ETH.

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“The NFTs were designed by Safta Gunadi as the graphic designer of Musik Bagus Indonesia, and was supported by a sophisticated system from Meteor that developed the digital asset and created the marketplace on Musik Bagus Indonesia’s official website,” said the director of Musik Bagus Indonesia, Aldisyah Latuihamallo, per a press release.

The hub of the Indonesian music NFTs

The Glenn Fredly NFT is the first release of Musik Bagus Indonesia’s NFT marketplace, as the platform aims to be the hub of music NFTs in Indonesia in the future. 

“We are very open to other artists who want to make their works as NFT assets because MusikBagus NFT is to be the hub of music NFTs in Indonesia in the future,” said Aldisyah. 

The hype of minting and owning NFTs has been occurring in Indonesia since a couple of years back, with people having cryptocurrencies spent on NFT. 

In response to that phenomenon, MusikBagus NFT wants to take a chance amidst the NFT hype so that Indonesian artists, especially in the music industry, can expand their work and gain royalties from digital assets.

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Moreover, Musik Bagus Indonesia hopes the platform can help local artists widen their fanbase and gain international recognition. Thus, the achievement would in turn contribute to improving the music ecosystem in Indonesia.

Despite the recent decline of the global NFT market, Musik Bagus Indonesia remains optimistic that the condition will improve in the future. 

“Everything comes with a risk, and we will learn from this condition to improve our service. We hope that MusikBagus NFT will be the pioneer of music NFT in Indonesia and become a partner and home for local artists,” Aldisyah concluded.    

People can check on every art piece of NFTs released under MusikBagus NFT through the website

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