Harmonious blend of analog and digital designs


Mercedes-Benz has just leaked the shape of the interior of the New Mercedes-AMG SL. This model is inspired by the Mercedes 300 SL Roadster, which was introduced as a race car in 1952. This car later became one of the iconic Mercedes-Benz models and has many fans.

Currently, the development of the latest SL model or the 8th generation continues. The leaked interior design shows the presence of a modern car with Mercedes-AMG performance genes targeting consumers who are sports car enthusiasts who want comfort.

Besides being made with the best materials, the interior of the latest SL model is done carefully, and the details are getting more luxurious. The interior is still focused on the driver. Still, it does not eliminate the harmonious side of the overall design that makes this 2+2 car (2 passengers in the front row and 2 passengers in the rear row) have dimensions.

The designers of the New Mercedes-AMG SL created a mixed model of analog geometry and the digital world – what they call the hyperanalogue. This can be seen from the instrument cluster, which is fully digital and integrated into the three-dimensional visor.


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Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG Gmbh Phillip Schiemer said the new SL interior will become an icon of the SL model's revival in the modern era with its iconic design. 

This new concept enables a 2+2 seating configuration for the first time since the Mercedes SL R 129 model in 1989. The presence of these rear seats also enhances the usability of the SL model as an everyday vehicle. It offers room for a variety of needs and a 1.5-meter high passenger. . The second row of seats can be folded, which allows the new SL to carry large devices such as golf bags.

The seat material can be chosen by consumers ranging from single-tone or two-tone Nappa leather, including diamond-shaped stitching designs. It can also be a combination of Nappa leather with microfiber with contrasting yellow or red upper stitching.

The interior of the new SL is also inspired by the world of aviation. This can be seen from the symmetrical instrument panel like the wings and four newly developed galvanized turbine model nozzles.

The main concern on the latest SL dashboard is a high-resolution 12.3-inch LCD screen as a speed indicator and other information. In the middle, there is also a multimedia touch screen measuring 11.9 inches in portrait format. This screen can be positioned electrically to avoid the reflection of sunlight. This screen contains various features such as navigation, entertainment, and other information.


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Design lines seem to blend between the dashboard and doors of the new SL, thanks to the decorative topstitching that frames the entire interior. Passenger cars are also spoiled by the presence of Burmester loudspeakers that display melodious voice tones throughout the cabin.

Talking about the seat design, the New Mercedes-AMG SL is designed to be sporty and luxurious. The headrest is integrated into and contributes to the sporty and ergonomic proportions of the seat.

Mercedes also presents the latest second-generation MBUX operating system, the same as in the S-Class model. This allows the driver to easily and quickly access information and capabilities of the typical AMG car. There are Performance and Track Pace driving modes that emphasize the sporty character.

The optional head-up display contributes to a relaxed ride, as the driver does not have to take his eyes off the road. It displays three-dimensionally relevant cues and actions in actual driving situations and environments. Here you can also choose between several style variants each to match the look in the instrument cluster. Depending on fixtures or personal taste, Ambient Light frames the exclusive interior in 64 different colors.


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