Embracing Myth and Majesty: Vespa 946 Dragon Roars into the Indonesian Market


After its global debut in Hong Kong, PT Piaggio Indonesia has now launched the Vespa 946 Dragon in Indonesia. Crafted to commemorate the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024, the Vespa 946 Dragon comes adorned in an exclusive golden hue with mythical dragon ornaments spanning from its side panels to the front shield. This limited edition Vespa is exclusively produced with only 1,888 units worldwide.

With the Vespa 946 Dragon, Vespa brings the spirit of Italian riding to the streets of Jakarta, drawing strength from the dragon, a mythological creature symbolizing unmatched power and prosperity.

Marco Noto La Diega, Managing Director and Country CEO of PT Piaggio Indonesia, expressed, “We are incredibly proud to introduce the Vespa 946 Dragon, a highly anticipated exclusive product, to Indonesia. This launch signifies the introduction of a new legend, story, and icon.”

Vespa isn’t just about mobility; it's also a fashion icon. Therefore, the Vespa 946 Dragon comes equipped with various fashion items and accessories, such as the Dragon Helmet and exclusive Dragon Varsity Jacket featuring a similar dragon design as seen on the vehicle, along with accessories dedicated specifically for the Vespa 946 Dragon, such as the gold-ornamented flyscreen and leather rear bag crafted with the same material as the vehicle's seat.

The Vespa Dragon varsity jacket is crafted from knit fabric and nappa leather, featuring embroidery on the left pocket and back panel. The jacket's front panel showcases Vespa's iconic V monogram juxtaposed with emerald green dragon embroidery on the back and ancient Chinese proverbs on the front.

The Vespa 946 Dragon has been officially launched in Indonesia with a price tag of Rp267 million. The Vespa 946 Dragon collection, including the Varsity Jacket, Dragon Helmet, and vehicle accessories (flyscreen & rear bag), are sold separately. For elegant and exclusive lifestyle enthusiasts interested, they can witness the iconic Vespa 946 Dragon firsthand at Plaza Senayan from March 8-13, 2024, and at Motoplex 4B dealerships spread across 11 cities. For more information about the Vespa 946 Dragon, visit the official Vespa Indonesia website.

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