Mcdonald's unveils a new spring-themed menu, Sakura-flavored dessert, the Sakuramochi Pie. Peep what it looks like


Following McDonald's Japan and Pokemon collaboration on a range of sweet summer desserts, called "Sweet Trio Fruits-Chu", the fast-food giant unveils its newest limited release, the Sakura-flavored pie. During this spring, Sakuramochi Pie resembles the delight of cherry blossom season in Japan. 

Pikachu-themed menu

Previously, Pikachu-themed dessert menu from McDonald's Japan was released on June 11, 2021. Japanese customers were able to choose from a trio of "Fruit-chu" sweets during the summer in Japan.

McDonald's offered various fruity dessert menu. The first menu was peach-flavored McShake, available in small size for $1.01 (Rp 14,485.77) and medium sizes for $1.68 (Rp 24,095.15). The next-featured menu was Choco-Banana McFlurry, a soft-serve ice cream with chocolate and banana syrup, topped with corn pieces, that costed $2.43 (Rp 34,851.91). The last variation of the trio dessert was the Hot Apple Custard Pie, which was offered at $1.26 (Rp 18,071.36). 

Along with those sweet menus, Mcdonald's also offered special Pokemon toys that can be grabbed from their Happy Meals. The toys featured were Pikachu Balance Challenge, Pikachu Dash, Pikachu Dunk, Pikachu Get! Ball Attack, Pikachu Trick Ring Toss, and Pikachu Janken Attack.

Meanwhile, summer is ending and spring is approaching. Japan celebrates its cherry blossom season and McDonald's Japan releases its newest Sakura-flavored dessert on its menu. 

Sakuramochi Pie

It is the time of the year when sakura flowers start blooming at all outlets in Japan. McDonald's releases its modified traditional Japanese sweets that is eaten regularly at this time of year, dubbed Sakuramochi. Available on March 23 until mid-April, the Sakuramochi Pie is unlike the common types of sakura sweets, which go heavy on cherry fruit or aromatic florals. McDonald's Sakuramochi features their distinct flavor following a set of components: a sweet pink-colored mochi or rice cake, a sweet adzuki red bean paste filling, and a pickled cherry blossom leaf.

The pink-crusty pastry adds contrast between the crunchy texture and the smooth and gelatinous center filling. They also have given some thoughts on their packaging. Resembling the original Sakuramochi consumed around Tokyo and Osaka, the packaging is designed in pink wrapped in a green-colored leaf. Priced at $1.26 (Rp 18,071.36).

McDonald's published its commercial featuring the new menu with two Japanese actresses. Starring Sairi Ito and Yoko Maki, the shows they travel through a sublime sakura setting on the back of the rickshaw and under the cherry blossom tree.

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