Join Marc Spector's journey as a vigilante on March 30.


Marvel's Moon Knight is up for the studio's Phase 4. Earlier this week, Marvel released the series's official trailer, available on Disney+ on March 30.

Based on Marvel's character Marc Spector, the TV show revolves around a former CIA agent with a dissociative identity disorder. He becomes a vessel for an Egyptian moon god known as Khonshu.

Born to a wealthy family but eschewing its traditions and beliefs, Marc Spector had a rough start in life. He became a CIA operative. After his brother Randall betrayed him, Spector became a mercenary. During this time, he became friends with Jean-Paul DuChamp, a hired gun.

After getting tired of assassination, Spector took on by Bushman, a terrorist. Spector was left in the harsh Egyptian desert after failing to nail Bushman. But he managed to escape to a nearby ancient tomb and was later found by Marlene Alaurune, the daughter of an archaeologist who was killed by Bushman.

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Near-death, he found a statue of Khonshu. Spector later came across Dr. Arthur Harrow, who is a cult leader who helps him to accept his inner darkness. He thought it saved his life and gave him power, and after destroying Bushman's operations, he gained a new perspective on life.

After returning to the US, he started creating Moon Knight with his friends, including Steven Grant and Jake Lockley. With the help of Frenchie, he was able to make an impact on the New York City heroes.

It was revealed that Anton Mogart a.k.a the Midnight Man is going to be one of his nemeses in this series.

Moon Knight's power and social life
His experiences as a CIA agent and mercenary helped him hone his various skills, including combat and strategic skills. Beyond boxing, he also knows several martial arts and is a skilled athlete. But, those seemingly overpowered skills were balanced with his uneven mental state.

During his time as Moon Knight, Spector has exhibited supernatural powers, such as the ability to drain another person's life energies, prophetic visions and dreams, and enhanced strength during a full moon.

Despite his unstable behavior, Spector has managed to form close relationships with his associates.

The relationship between Frenchie and Spector started when they met in Africa, and it was there that the former became his close companion. Though driven away from their friendship at times, Frenchie would return to help out.

Despite her father's death and the upturn in her life, Marlene still followed her heart and became Spector's lover. She would also break her ties with him occasionally, but she would eventually come to see him through.

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The unexpected passing of Gaspard Ulliel
Ulliel, who played the role of Midnight Man in Moon Knight, died on Wednesday due to a skiing accident. Ulliel reportedly collided with another skier while skiing in the French Alps.

He gained international recognition when he played the role of Hannibal in the 2007 film "Blink." He also portrayed the character of Yves Saint Laurent in the 2014 movie "Saint Laurent."

Marvel Studios spokesperson wrote in a statement, "We are deeply saddened to learn of the tragic passing of our friend and colleague Gaspard Ulliel. Our thoughts are with his family and friends during this time."



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