Welcoming the holiday season with a new captivating holiday collection from Loewe.


The holiday season has always been vital for brands — especially fashion — to launch new seasonal products. All kinds of shoes, bags, perfumes, accessories, and clothing brands usually have already worked on their holiday collection for months.

Of course, as one of the world's leading fashion brands, Loewe also has stepped in to introduce its new collection for the season. It presents a series of eclectic "Holiday Collection" to welcome the end of 2021. This collection series gives unique artistry by taking a brave step by mixing colors and crafts, such as bold neon with captivating design prints from British architect and designer Charles Francis Annesley Voysey.

This is how Jonathan Anderson's Loewe celebrates the holiday season with everyone.

Capturing the theme

With the help of Tyler Mitchell behind the cameras, the Holiday Collection campaign was able to capture the whimsical, crafty spirit of Loewe and the warm, festive atmosphere of the holiday season. In this Loewe holiday collection campaign, Mitchell's shot grabs intimate living room scenes of friends and family enjoying the festive season.

For Loewe, creating an atmosphere of 19th century British arts and crafts and featuring it as part of its collection has become a holiday tradition. Loewe's designs this year were inspired by florals, birds, and hearts from Charles Francis Annesley Voysey.


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The Loewe Holiday Collection is a triumph of design and home decor. Its small leather goods are perfect for stocking stuffers and floor-length wool coats, the most impressive presents under the tree. It celebrates "simplicity in decoration", which, according to Charles Francis Annesley Voysey, "is one of the essential qualities without which no true richness is possible".

Holiday cheer is brought to the collection not only by a selection of small leather goods but also by charming accessories, knick-knacks, and pieces for everyone. Golden Anagrams and Signature charms are mixed with felt grape and lemon charms, while felt, calfskin, and brass flower branches can be combined for a bouquet of gifts.

Collection items list

Loewe has pouches in the shapes of oranges, butterflies, and snails, along with an AirPod case with a cat's face that can be worn as a necklace. There are also wallets, phone cases, cardholders, and keyrings that are both functional and fashionable, in addition to the Amazona Nano bag, called the Amazona 23, which comes with the Hobo Puzzle bag and a wide variety of Flamenco bags. 

They are all Loewe icons — from its launch in 1975 and its successful comebacks at The Show in the News at FW21, featuring the famous supermodel, Freja Beha. 

Loewe has long featured stars of the Arts and Crafts movement in England, and this year is no exception. Charles Francis Annesley Voysey's patterns of birds, flowers, and hearts are interwoven throughout the collection. The iconic 1898 "The Owl" wallpaper is reimagined as an intarsia cardigan, wallet, and pocket and drawstring pouch, while Voysey's herbarium florals appear embroidered on wool toile dresses, blown up on floor-length coats, and printed over the house's Hammock and Puzzle bags and Cushion totes.


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In addition to the Holiday Collection, Loewe offers new men's bags, including the Puzzle mini bumbag, XS Military Messenger, and the Round backpack. In-store and web-based customization allows you to personalize any of the bags mentioned above as exceptional gifts for friends and family.

Apart from welcoming the year-end holidays, this collection also contains a collection of images that feature colorful nightlife narratives that blend into a mix of colors and textures. Neon with sporty color blocks combines with sequins, lurex, and soft shearling to create a unique and charming look.

According to Loewe, "the most thoughtful gifts are the simple but beautiful ones" — this year's Holiday Collection has certainly succeeded in embodying those words.


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