Young Indonesians make Indonesia proud with Y Combinator incubated application.


In 2020, Kevin Nicholas Chandra and four of his buddies in the Y Combinator incubation program, Michelle Marcelline, Anthony Harris Christian, Putri Karunia, and Albert Putra Purnama, agreed to materialize the idea of launching a startup called Typedream. The objective of this startup is to type meaning typing and dream means dream, as the name implies. 

"We want to achieve many people's ambition to establish their own website as easily as they type their dream," said Kevin, Typedream's CEO and Founder.

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Typedream, according to Kevin, is a SaaS service startup firm situated in San Francisco, the United States that generates easy-to-use, professional-looking websites with no coding. 

“Typedream customers do not need to undertake complicated coding because the process is really straightforward and easy,” said the University of Southern California in the United States alum.

Before the release of Typedream, Kevin created Cotter, it's an app as an authentication service that allows users to log into any platform without entering a password. It is a sPaaS that enables web developers to offer a passwordless login service on their websites or applications. 

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Based on the API, the platform can be incorporated into a variety of services such as Typedream, Webflow, Notion, Bubble, or self-developed sites/apps, including those running on Android and iOS. However, because they thought the Cotter app was subpar, they improved it by creating Typedream.

Kevin did not anticipate that Typedream's business would pique the public's curiosity. The number of supporters, both fellow startups from many industries and SMEs, creators, business actors, and individuals, continues to grow. Investors are able to be amazed by public enthusiasm, thus capital owners are eager to pour funds. As a result, Typedream was able to secure considerable seed financing.

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Y Combinator, Makerpad Founder Ben Tossell, former Sequoia Capital partner Timothy Lee, WordPress CEO Aadil Mamujee, and Twitter founding developer Blaine Cook are among the investors. The new funding will be utilized to expand product capabilities as well as to recruit and strengthen teams composed of young Indonesians.

Meanwhile, Michelle Marcelline, Typedream's Chief Operating Officer, said that the company's monthly revenue increased by 150 percent. Meanwhile, 95 percent of clients are from overseas markets, with the remaining 5 percent from Indonesia.

Kevin claims that Typedream's superiority resides in product quality, service, and affordability. It's as simple as typing in a Google Doc or Microsoft Word document with a procedure of only 15 minutes, a simple style or layout with gradient colors that are now popular, for the quality of a Typedream website. Typedream created a minimum viable product with three features that only supports static websites like landing pages or personal websites.

"We prioritize client pleasure in terms of service. It's like before the firm was really big, we still had the opportunity to contact customers directly. And that will be difficult to achieve in major corporations. All Typdream consumers must have had a conversation or discussion with the creators," he claimed.

Typedream subscription fees are IDR 175 thousand per month if paid in advance for a year, or IDR 250 thousand per month if paid monthly.

Typedream will continually strive to preserve and improve its community because the competition for website building services is becoming increasingly fierce. Players are rising not only from Indonesia but also from other countries. 

"Building community is Typedream's competitive market approach," Kevin explained.

Typedream's goal is to have 10,000 clients as subscribers by the end of 2021. Michelle and Kevin are both optimistic that this will be accomplished, given the monthly company increase of roughly 150 percent.


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