Lazada Equips Vocational School Teachers in Cileungsi, West Java, and Surrounding Areas as Agents of Change


In today's digital age, businesses need to leverage technology to expand their markets and boost sales. Lazada Indonesia (Lazada), through the Movement for Digital Indonesia's People's Works Acceleration (AKAR), organized the Naik KeLaz training with a Training of Trainer (ToT) concept for vocational school (SMK) teachers in Cileungsi, West Java, and the surrounding areas. The program aims to support and empower teachers in equipping Indonesian students to become young digital entrepreneurs.

During the training, Dr. Abur Mustikawanto, M.Ed., Head of the Branch of Education Office, Region 1, West Java Provincial Education Office, also expressed support for Lazada's initiative to provide digital entrepreneurship empowerment to teachers as agents of change.

As one of Indonesia's leading eCommerce platforms, Lazada offers vast economic opportunities within its digital ecosystem, open to anyone willing to venture into entrepreneurship. Let's explore the tips from Lazada University trainers on how to expand your business and achieve greater success in eCommerce!

1. Present Your Products in the Most Attractive Way: Ensure that your product showcase is eye-catching, with clear and detailed product descriptions and photos. Visual appeal should go hand-in-hand with an accurate depiction of the product's features, advantages, and quality.

2. Expand Your Knowledge on Increasing Sales Traffic in eCommerce: Use appropriate, enticing titles that contain keywords frequently used by potential buyers when searching for related products. Showcase your products in the most attractive way, including adding product advantages to the photos, and use 'strike-through prices' on products to indicate ongoing store promotions.

3. Enhance Positive Reviews for Your Store and Products: Offer high-quality products, competitive prices, and excellent service to encourage buyers to provide positive reviews and ratings for your products and store. Send reminders to buyers via chat to leave reviews. Additionally, offer discount vouchers, free shipping, and best deal packages for future purchases to encourage customers to provide feedback about your products and store.

4. Engage Customers Closer with Live Streaming: Utilize live streaming features to promote products interactively. LazLive's live streaming on Lazada can boost sales as potential buyers can ask questions directly while watching live streams, which sometimes include product try-ons.

5. Expand Your Market and Boost Sales through the Affiliate Program: The Lazada Affiliate Program offers individuals, including online sellers, the opportunity to earn commissions from sales made through links spread on social media or messaging apps. By sharing links that lead directly to your products or store, your chances of generating sales from those links increase.

6. Never Stop Learning and Trying: Continuous learning is essential to improve technical knowledge related to the use of eCommerce platform features and develop other digital entrepreneurship skills.

The Naik KeLaz training is just one of Lazada's ongoing efforts to instill a digital entrepreneurial spirit, especially among Indonesia's young generation. "We hope that all Naik KeLaz initiatives will increase digital literacy among the public, empower young talent, and contribute to the advancement of Indonesia's inclusive and profitable digital economy for all elements of society," concluded Ferry.

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