"Jakarta vs Everybody" is a movie with a simple plot but delivers a strong characterization reflecting actual conditions in the capital.


Dom (Jefri Nichol) is an actor from Jakarta. He was born in Padang and lived in the city for a long time. When people asked him about his work, he said he was an actor. People were shocked when they heard what Dom said.

In the film "Jakarta vs everybody," director Ertanto Robby Soediskam talked about how many people in Jakarta have dreams. The central theme of this film is the rugged face of the capital, which includes various dreams. However, as a backdrop, the film is finished with a brush.

This film shows a small portion of the capital's social dynamics. Through dialogue with harsh sex scenes and musical accompaniment, it is difficult to ignore the reality of the situation.

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More characterization
Despite the film's small scope, it still has the potential to move in a more challenging direction if the characterization of Dom is explored deeply.

The audience will also be able to identify with Dom's acting moves, especially since he shows them in front of a mirror. Also, his daily operations are based on his intuition skills. Dom uses various tricks to hide his identity as a drug courier. For instance, he pretends to be a hotel employee while carrying out various tasks.

The characters who meet Dom in "Jakarta vs Everybody" are more interesting to watch. Although the story does not overlap, it adds another dimension to the plot.

The complex relationship between Radit (Ganindra Bimo) and Pinkan (Wulan Guritno) is also explored in the film. Both of them have lived together for years, and they show how different their personalities are. Radit is a man who is obsessed with his large body, while Pinkan is a woman who is passionate about freedom.

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Supporting characters
The presence of supporting characters such as Khansa (Dea Panendra) and Ratih (Jajang C. Noer) allows Dom to reflect on his life's meaning. Through light dialogue, he can sometimes make fun of himself.

On some occasions, Dom and Ratih would discuss movies and acting. Even though Ratih doesn't understand the world of cinema, Dom still enjoys having a conversation with her.

Khansa's character also caught the attention of the audience. Everything about Khansa seems to be very close to each other. Despite being a funeral parlor, a drug addict, and a cheerful person, the unusual facets of Khansa are still treated with the proper care.

The friendship between Khansa and Dom eventually led to the latter reassessing his life's path. Likewise, Radit's conversation with him reinforced his belief that life is a journey. In his apartment, Dom has started to write down his dreams for 2019. One of the list is to become a movie star.

The film's packaging makes "Jakarta vs Everybody" more interesting. Even though most of the dialogue and film's ending scenes are empty, the story still remains interesting.

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