A Transformative Shift: Whoosh High-Speed Train Encourages Sustainable Mobility and Reduces Reliance on Private Cars


In a remarkable achievement, the Jakarta-Bandung "Whoosh" high-speed train, which began its operations on October 17 this year, has successfully transported over one million passengers within just two months, according to PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China (KCIC).

Dwiyana Slamet Riyadi, the President Director of KCIC, emphasized that this significant milestone highlights the strong demand among the public for modern and efficient mass transportation options that prioritize both travel time and comfort.

"Reaching one million passengers within only two months serves as proof of the high need for modern and reliable means of public transport in Indonesia," Riyadi stated in a written statement in Bandung on Tuesday.

The success of the high-speed train is evident in its widespread acceptance by the public, with an average passenger occupancy rate of 90 percent, showcasing its popularity and preference among commuters.

"KCIC will continue to provide the finest services to ensure that Whoosh will always be the first choice for the people to travel between Jakarta and Bandung," Riyadi affirmed.

He highlighted the positive impact of the high-speed train on reducing private car usage, revealing that 48 percent of Whoosh passengers previously relied on private cars for commuting between the two cities. This transition signifies a significant step in aligning with the government's efforts to promote the use of mass transport.

"The proper facilities and efficient services available have attracted more people to start opting for public transport, like Whoosh, reducing their reliance on private cars," Riyadi explained.

Additionally, Riyadi expressed gratitude towards Whoosh passengers, emphasizing that their support and patronage serve as motivation for KCIC to continuously enhance and deliver the best services.

Since its inception, the Whoosh high-speed train has operated seamlessly, with zero reported accidents. To meet the growing demand during the Christmas and New Year holidays, KCIC has increased the number of daily trips from 40 to 48.

"This measure is aimed at anticipating the spike in the number of passengers during the year-end holidays," Riyadi noted, adding that the highest number of passengers recorded in a single day stands at an impressive 21,500.

As the Whoosh high-speed train continues to redefine travel between Jakarta and Bandung, it stands as a testament to the success of modern and efficient transportation solutions in meeting the evolving needs of the Indonesian public.

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