Strengthening Bonds and Unveiling Potential: Expo Indonesia en Mexico 2023 Spurs Economic and Cultural Collaboration


Indonesia marked a significant milestone in its diplomatic relationship with Mexico by hosting the inaugural Expo Indonesia en Mexico (EIM) 2023, a trade, tourism, investment, and cultural fair. Organized by the Indonesian Embassy in Mexico in collaboration with the Indonesian Trade Ministry, the event took place at the World Trade Center Building in Mexico City from August 3 to August 6, 2023. The fair served as a commemoration of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Indonesia and Mexico.

Over the course of four dynamic days, the EIM fair garnered remarkable attention, attracting more than 5,000 visitors. A total of 83 business matching sessions unfolded, fostering connections between exhibitors, potential investors, and buyers. This interaction translated into potential transactions totaling USD 12.9 million, equivalent to approximately Rp 196 billion.

Indonesian Ambassador to Mexico, Cheppy T. Wartono, emphasized the untapped potential that lays the foundation for heightened economic collaboration between the two nations. He stated, "The EIM fair is important for introducing our potential and fostering greater economic relations between our countries."

EIM witnessed the participation of 51 exhibitors, hailing from both Indonesia and Mexico. The Indonesian contingent included representatives from the Central Government such as the Trade Ministry and the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry. Moreover, delegations from Jakarta, Central Java, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), and West Papua, alongside private enterprises, contributed to the Indonesian presence. On the Mexican front, 22 exhibitors with strong ties to Indonesia, including state governments and corporations, also engaged in the fair.

The fair's opening ceremony, attended by the Secretary General of the Trade Ministry and officials from both Indonesia and Mexico, witnessed the signing of four Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) between Indonesian and Mexican corporations. Beyond product exhibitions, diverse forums addressing trade, investment, tourism, sustainable development, and intergovernmental collaboration were conducted. Esteemed speakers at these forums included the Director General for National Export Development, Trade Minister, Deputy for Investment Promotion at the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Deputy for Marketing at the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry, Deputy Governor of NTT, Head of the Bank of Indonesia Office in New York, Head of Investment and One-Stop Services Office of Central Java Province, and representatives from the Mexican Government.

The vibrant atmosphere of EIM was further enriched by captivating cultural performances by Indonesian artists, American diaspora, and Mexican citizens who embraced Indonesian arts through a government-sponsored scholarship program.

The organization of EIM aligns with President Joko Widodo's vision to strengthen economic collaboration with Mexico, tapping into a non-traditional market that holds a strategic gateway to the American and South American markets. As of now, Indonesia maintains a trade surplus with Mexico, with a recorded surplus of USD 606.4 million during January-May 2023. However, this value still falls behind the trade volumes of other ASEAN countries in connection with Mexico.

In the realm of tourism, visitation from Mexico to Indonesia surged to more than 5,000 visitors during the January-June 2023 period, marking a staggering 600% increase compared to the preceding year. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, which facilitated the participation of tourism industry representatives and hosted business matching activities at the EIM Fair, aspired to cultivate familiarity with Indonesian tourism destinations and amplify the Wonderful Indonesia brand within the Mexican community.

From the perspective of local governments, the Deputy Governor of NTT led over 25 entrepreneurs and cultural arts groups, recognizing EIM as a strategic opportunity to bolster cooperation and unveil Indonesia's cultural and economic wealth to the Mexican populace.

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