Indonesia's Immigration Department Revolutionizes Services: A Digital Transformation for Seamless Visa Processing and Extended Stay Options


In a bid to enhance the services provided by Indonesia's Immigration Department, Director General Silmy Karim has unveiled a series of groundbreaking initiatives aimed at improving the experience for Indonesian citizens, expatriates, and tourists alike.

The latest announcement reveals the launch of an online visa permit extension service accessible through the official website This digital platform seeks to simplify and expedite the stay permit extension process, eliminating the need for foreigners to physically visit immigration offices. Instead, the entire process, from visa application to stay permit extension, can now be seamlessly completed online.

Director General Silmy Karim expressed his enthusiasm for the new service, stating, "Immigration continues to improve services through digitalization strategies. We launched this new service to simplify and speed up the stay permit extension process, which previously required foreigners to present at the immigration office."

He further explained that the online extension service covers various visas, including those for Holidays, Family visits, Transit Single-Entry Visitor Visas (index C1), Medical Treatment Single-Entry Visitor Visas (index C3), Foreign Government Official Trips Single-Entry Visitor Visas (index C4), Short Courses and Training Single-Entry Visitor Visas (index C9), and International Exhibition Single-Entry Visitor Visas (index C11).

Karim assured the public that the new feature has undergone rigorous testing and will be implemented starting December 31, 2023. This advancement aims to provide foreigners in Indonesia with a more comfortable and practical means of processing their visas and residence permits, fostering a seamless and efficient experience.

Moreover, the Immigration Department is committed to further developing the online immigration service system as part of its dedication to digitizing services and meeting the evolving needs of the community. Karim emphasized, "The continuous development of the online immigration service system carried out by Immigration is our commitment to digitalization."

Looking ahead to 2024, additional updates to the immigration system are expected, particularly for tourists, business travelers, and expats in Bali. The recent launch of the new 5-year multiple-entry visa for tourism and business purposes (D1 and D2 visas) signifies a significant shift in the immigration landscape.

Previously building on the B211a visas' one-year validity, the D1 and D2 visas can now be applied for online via the website. These visas, costing IDR 15,000,000 (approx USD 970), allow for unlimited entries and remain valid for five years. D1 visas are issued for social and tourism purposes, while D2 visas cater to applicants engaged in business activities such as conferences and events.

Speaking at the launch, Director General Silmy Karim highlighted the department's commitment to streamlining visa application processes: "The Directorate General of Immigration is trying to make it easier for foreigners to apply for an Indonesian visa online... The President’s direction is clear that digitalization is a solution to make services faster, easier, and better."

While the eVisa on Arrival remains available for travelers from 97 countries, costing IDR 500,000 and allowing a 30-day stay extendable once for an additional 30 days, the Tourism Minister's suggestion of a potential return to visa-free travel for Bali's top foreign arrivals is yet to materialize into legislative changes. As the Directorate General of Immigration continues to innovate, Indonesia positions itself as a forward-thinking destination committed to providing a seamless and efficient immigration experience for all.

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