Streamlining Entry: Indonesia's New Multiple Entry Visa Policy Sparks Optimism for Increased Tourism and Business Opportunities


The Directorate General of Immigration, Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Indonesia, has rolled out a new multiple entry visa policy, denoted by indexes D1 and D2, in a bid to streamline the entry process for foreigners visiting the country for tourism and business purposes.

Director General of Immigration, Silmy Karim, announced the policy on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, stating that the initiative is aimed at facilitating the entry of foreigners into Indonesia, providing a convenient option for those with high mobility.

The application process for the Multiple Entry Visa is designed to be user-friendly, with applicants able to apply online through the page. Payment for the visa can be made using a credit card. Karim emphasized that the new policy eliminates the need for applicants to visit Indonesian representative offices abroad, marking a significant step towards simplifying the visa application process.

The Multiple Entry Visa comes in two categories: D1 for tourist purposes and D2 for business purposes. Both types of visas permit a stay of up to 60 days per arrival, offering flexibility for travelers. The implementation of the online visa application policy is set to commence from January 2023.

Karim highlighted the positive impact of the new policy on the tourism sector, noting a gradual recovery in the number of foreign nationals entering Indonesia. As of December 8, 2023, a total of 9,869,348 foreign tourists had visited the country, surpassing the target set by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy for the year 2023, which was 8,500,000.

"We are optimistic that with this new visa policy, more foreign nationals will visit Indonesia, along with the ease of online visa applications launched in early 2023," said Silmy Karim.

The Directorate General of Immigration aims to ensure that Indonesia attracts quality foreign citizens through its visa policies. This strategy aligns with international practices, resembling the visa requirements of countries such as Australia and Europe, where foreign citizens are required to obtain visas before entry.

"The Directorate General of Immigration is working towards simplifying the process for foreigners to apply for Indonesian visas online. The President’s directive is clear: digitalization is the solution to provide faster, easier, and better services," concluded Karim, emphasizing the country's commitment to embracing digital solutions for efficient and modern services.

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