Streamlining Residency Transitions: Indonesia's Innovative Bridging Visa Policy


In a move aimed at streamlining residency transitions for foreign nationals, Indonesia has rolled out the innovative "bridging visa" policy, providing a seamless pathway for individuals navigating between old and new residence permits within the country.

This policy, officially ratified on April 11, introduces a transitional residence permit, colloquially termed the "bridging visa," facilitating a smoother transition for foreigners in Indonesia. The visa essentially acts as a conduit between existing and forthcoming residence permits, allowing individuals to stay in the country while attending to the administrative requirements of their new permits.

According to statements from immigration director-general Silmy Karim, foreign nationals holding visit visas applied through now have the opportunity to obtain limited stay permits without the need to depart Indonesia. Similarly, holders of limited stay permits and permanent stay permits facing expiration can secure new residence permits without leaving the Indonesian territory.

The transitional residence permit, valid for 60 days, is exclusively applicable onshore, catering to foreigners already present within Indonesia's borders. Eligibility for this visa extends to those applying for a change of status to a limited stay permit. Notably, individuals holding a transitional residence permit will not be penalized for overstaying if their application is approved after the expiration of their previous permit.

The application process for the transitional residence permit is facilitated through the website, where foreigners can submit their applications and complete the necessary immigration fee payments. Importantly, payments must be made no later than three days before the expiration of the previous residence permit.

Silmy Karim emphasized the manifold benefits of the bridging visa, asserting that it not only saves time, energy, and accommodation costs for foreigners but also offers legal certainty throughout the transition process. The introduction of this policy underscores Indonesia's commitment to enhancing the experience of foreign nationals residing within its borders, fostering a more conducive environment for international residents.

With the implementation of the bridging visa policy, Indonesia positions itself as a frontrunner in providing efficient and practical solutions to the administrative challenges faced by foreign residents, reinforcing its reputation as a welcoming and accommodating destination on the global stage.

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