Somnio will be present in 2024 and will be the most luxurious yacht, and the most complete of facilities.


The human dream to explore has been around for centuries. Exploration by ship is one of the oldest and is still used to this day.

This reason also inspired the presence of the Somnio, a large yacht, and it became the world's first "yacht liner." The idea is to bring the convenience of a condominium complex afloat on the ocean.

This giant ship has an extraordinary size of 221 meters and contains 39 luxury apartments ready to be occupied for billionaires who want luxury on their sea voyages.


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This Gigayacht is the result of a collaboration between Winch Design and Tillberg Design. Both are trying to create a superyacht life with the best services and facilities like a five-star hotel.

This yacht will weigh approximately 33,500 GT (gross tonnage) with six decks stretching from end to end of the ship. By 2024, it is expected that this ship will become the largest superyacht in the world.

Somnio will cost $600 million to build, and the construction will take place on Vard's deck in Norway. The owner, Captain Erik Bredhe, will directly oversee this development. Bredhe previously helmed The World, another epic residential ship, though the Somnio would reflect more intimacy on a private yacht.

So how do you get the opportunity to own this marine condo? First, set up a fund starting at $11.2 million for this exclusive condo. Prospective buyers will be available by invitation or referral only, and the identity of each new owner will remain a "tightly guarded secret." Apart from that privacy, those on board are guaranteed to live in luxury.

This luxury apartment can later be made to order. It starts from the desired number of rooms, fully equipped kitchen, gym, library, and a walk-in wardrobe. They will also offer an indoor/outdoor dining area for entertainment.

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Still not satisfied? In addition to the services above, Somnio will be equipped with shared facilities that can be used for residents alone. Condo owners will have access to a wine cellar and sample around 10,000 bottles of selected wines and a restaurant and bar.

The main highlight is the waiting area at the bow of the ship. Somnio will present a spectacular view while sailing. Somnio offers a spacious beach club complete with sports facilities on the main deck for water sports enthusiasts.

Regarding the pandemic conditions worldwide, Somnio also offers the best health facilities to maintain the health of the occupants and crew of the ship. This facility makes condo owners not have to worry about their safety and security.

Somnio plans to sail on all four ends of the world, from the Mediterranean to Antarctica. This yacht explorer technology needs to be applauded because it uses the equipment used by scientists and explorers to explore the oceans.

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