Increase productivity while also taking care of yourself.


Many believe that being more productive at work requires pushing yourself harder or working longer hours, but this is not always the case.

Rather than focusing on working longer or harder, being more productive can begin with taking care of yourself first. People who pay attention to their mental health and condition, according to psychologists, have better cognitive power and are more focused and concentrated at work than those who work under pressure.

Being productive at work does not necessitate sacrificing our happiness or mental health. It can motivate us to work more efficiently if we look for simple ways to make our working time more comfortable. Here are some suggestions for increasing work productivity while also taking care of yourself.

Take advantage of the break to get away from the office

In a work culture that requires us to be as disciplined as possible when it comes to resting time, sleeping for an extended period of time may lead to one being labeled as lazy.

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However, according to a 2019 Tork survey, taking regular breaks during the workday increases productivity significantly. Approximately 90 percent of surveyed U.S. employee respondents report that they feel more refreshed and ready to work after their lunch break outside their desks.

If you have an energy-draining job, getting up from your desk or office to enjoy a meal or drink can help you relax and refresh your body and mind, allowing you to focus more effectively.

Know your rhythm

Everyone has a different energy rhythm that they follow throughout the day. Learn about your energy rhythm first, whether you are more productive in the morning or at other times of the day.

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Do the things that you find the most difficult during your most productive hours. Finishing these tasks first allows you to focus your attention, and when your energy begins to wane, you know that the next job will be easier, or you can rest first.

Alternatively, do your favorite or easiest work first — because the positive adrenaline you get when you finish something well can keep you motivated to work all day. Regardless of your rhythm and preference, determining which one is more effective for you is a priority that may necessitate some trial and error.

Make time for your hobbies

Sometimes we think that we must be productive all of the time to be successful, which may make us tired and unmotivated in the long run. It is difficult to draw the line between the demands of your job and your personal life, but it is a necessary skill that must be developed.

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Taking the time to pursue hobbies or activities that we enjoy not only keeps our mental health in check but also allows us to be more productive at work — particularly after we have recharged our mental energy and happiness. By focusing on what you want to do rather than what you have to do, you can save emotional energy to do even the things you don't want to do.

Create a to-do list based on your favorite designs

According to a 2015 article published in the journal Nature, the more you like your work environment, the more productive you will be at work.

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A visually appealing work environment and workplace can promote a positive mood and emotional atmosphere while working, resulting in more productive results.

What if you work in a strict office that does not permit you to decorate your workspace with crowds? You can still bypass this by creating a journal or to-do list in the style you prefer. Aside from inspiring creativity, this motivates you to work on the to-do list more than a monotonous design would, whether it's on a post-it note in your favorite color or the notes app on your smartphone.




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