Mini monster Honda N-ONE earned its deserved title.


Honda continues to prove itself as the frontrunner in the car industry as its latest small car model, N-ONE, grabbed the award of "K Car of The Year" at Japan Car of The Year 2021-2022.

Japan Car of The Year is an annual award held by the Japan Car of the Year Executive Committee, granting newly released or redesigned vehicles from the previous year to October 31 of the current year. 

The award granted to N-ONE marks Honda's first time grabbing the K Car title. 

"We are very honored that N-ONE is chosen as K CAR of the year 2021-2022," said Koji Watanabe, Executive Officer and General Manager of Brand Communication Division of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. "We will continue to innovate and provide products with new values that can satisfy our customers."

Get to know more about the mini monster

N-ONE was first introduced to the public back in 2012, with the second generation launched in November 2020. It is dubbed as a long-lasting car, perfect for daily use. It is a retro-styled Kei car, the Japanese category for smallest highway-legal passenger cars.

Its exterior design is a perfected version of the unique character of a car "circle, square, and trapezoid", while its interior is designed in a minimalist way.

The "N" in its name is short for "norimono", which can be translated into "vehicle" in Japanese.

This model wasn't awarded for no reason, as its mini size is equipped with M/T6-acceleration for turbo vehicles, named Front Engine-Front Wheel Drive (FF). 

Long-distance travel is no problem for N-ONE due to its 660 cc DOHC turbomachine, with a performance of those with 1,300 c machine. Customers also can save up gas money as its gas consumption is up to 26 kilometers per liter. 

Courtesy of www.honda.co.jp

N-ONE is also equipped with advanced safety features of Honda SENSING, which consists of Lead Car Departure Notification System (LCDN), Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS), Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Road Departure Mitigation (RDM), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), and Auto-High Beam.

N-ONE also comes in manual transmission (6MT), becoming the first one in the market of its kind, fully equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) dan Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS).

Worry about no noise in the cabin despite its machine's high power performance that can still be modified through Naturally Aspirated (NA) method.

There are four available types in the Japanese market: original, premium, tourer, and RS. It costs from 1.599.400 Yen (approximately 200 million rupiahs) to  1,999.800 Yen (approximately 254 million rupiahs) in its home country. In Indonesia, the price is equivalent to that of MPV Honda Mobilio.

Honda and car awards

Courtesy of Unsplash/Katya Rumyantseva

N-ONE earned Honda its first K Car of The Year award. However, Honda had won multiple categories at Japan Car of the Year from year to year. Since the award's establishment in 1980, Honda had bagged a total of 25 awards.

Honda is the number 1 car manufacturer as it earned a total of 11 winner badges, followed closely by competing manufacturer Toyota. 

Honda is the number 1 car manufacturer as it earned a total of 11 winner badges, followed closely by competing manufacturer Toyota. The winning cars are Honda Civic/Ballade (1983-1984), Honda Accord/Vigor (1985-1986), Honda Civic (1991-1992), Honda Accord (1993-1994), Honda Civic (1995-1996), Honda Civic/Stream (2000-2001), Honda Fit (2001-2002), Honda Accord (2002-2003), Honda Legend, Honda Fit (2007-2008), Honda CR-Z (2010-2011).

Honda also has earned various special awards, from Most Advanced Technology (Honda Legend, Honda Civic/Civic Hybrid), Best Value (Honda Stream, Honda Freed), Best 3rd Decade Car (Honda Fit), Small Mobility (Honda N-WGN, Honda N-Box), Innovation (Honda Clarity PHEV), to the most recent K Car Award.


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