A new way to appreciate art.


What you see above is a Nyan Cat by Chris Torres. The original GIF of Nyan Cat sold for about $580,000. That’s such a good amount of money for a  Non-fungible token (NFT) Art. If you didn't know about Nyan Cat, Nyan Cat is a cat with a rainbow meme. 

Even the Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, sold his first tweet as an NFT. It was sold for  $2,915,835.47, and the buyer is Sina Estavi

Since NFT is non-fungible, it is such a unique piece, and you could not replace it with anything else. It is quite complicated, and if you would like to trade it with someone NFT, you would get different NFT art.

Most of NFT art belonged to the Ethereum blockchain. So Ethereum is a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, but they are also supporting NFTs. Basically, NFT could be anything digital. It could be art, music, and yes, the current trend is selling these digital arts for an expensive amount of money. The presence of NFT helps artists, any kind of artist, to get profit from their work more easily than ever. For example, Boykins, who goes online by “BLACKSNEAKERS” , has sold  $60,000 in NFT. 

Some people think that this is a new way of collecting art but disagree with it. Ok, it’s almost getting crazy as someone almost paid almost $390,000 for a 50-second video by Grimes. And even the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami also created his own NFT. 

NFTs are actually designed to give you ownership of the piece. However, the original artist still holds the rights of its copyright and reproduction rights of their pieces. What’s the difference if the artist could actually reproduce the art? Ok, so it's like someone could own the real piece by Takashi Murakami, and someone could get the reproduction poster.

Though some people disagree with the rise of NFT art, some Indonesian artists are actually optimistic about the industry. “I personally think, block and by extension NFT, will stick with us well into the future,” said Yudhistira Israel (VNGNC). Yudhistira Israel (VNGNC) is one of Indonesia’s digital artists. Aside from being a content creator, Yudhistira Israel also makes some NFT arts online. He sold some of his NFT arts on the digital platform called This platform is a market for an artist to sell their NFT arts. 

Aside from being an NFT artist, Yudhistira Israel is also a collector himself. Some people might have debated that NFT arts are not worth it because they are on a digital platform. But according to Yudhistira Israel, you could do so much with NFT arts. “Well, you could show it off, be it in an IRL exhibition, or VR exhibition. Sell it,  or keep it in a  vault, burn it, or you could trade it with other artworks or any other crypto assets,” he said. 

But other than just its collectibility, another NFT artist, Broken Blues, said that NFT arts have made collectible art accessible for everyone. “Currently “art” is only mainly enjoyed by the rich and they determine what is art,” he said. 

“NFT will help make sure that art is viewed as collective for the masses. Now common people determine what is art and they will determine the price,” he said. 

Broken Blues also expressed that getting into an NFT art industry could be addictive for some people. 

“Sure some people disagree with digital art. That’s the old way of thinking through and it's boring. Once you get into NFT it’s really quite addictive. And you get to see some exciting art and some even showing more complex art,” he said. 

So, after getting to know what NFT art is and talking to some NFT artists, you could get NFT if it's something that fits your style and hobby. But, you have to look at the price too. There are some reasonable NFT arts around in Indonesia, just don’t get too crazy with it.&nbsp

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