World's first virtual beer, Heineken Silver, is set to be launched in Decentraland, one of the largest virtual reality platforms.


Heineken has introduced the world's first virtual beer to Decentraland a few weeks ahead of the first Metaverse Fashion Week on the platform.

The international brewer launched Heineken Silver to be enjoyed in the immersive digital platform. For the metaverse, it brought the finest of their its with 100 percent computer-generated ingredients. It has partnered up with a Spanish self-taught street artist, J. Demsky, for the endeavor. 

According to J. Demsky, he has been a long-time fan of Heineken. For that reason, he wants to provide a way for people to artistically understand what Heineken Silver could taste like. As it fits perfectly with who he is and the art that he creates, he hopes that people would love his interpretation of the virtual beer could be if it had a flavor. 

Virtual beer for virtual world visitors

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Heineken Silver is said to be brewed with 100 percent purified pixels, tripled-filtered through firewalls and uploaded with 5 million megabits per second. The A-yeast, their special ingredient, has now been replaced with A-Pixels. 

Virtual Heineken Silver is brewed with Binary Coded Hops grown by NPC (non-player characters) farmers. Heineken's dedicated Virtual Brewing Assistants, digitized stand-ins for their Star Brewers, supervised the whole brewing process.

All these elements will deliver a completely unique experience for visitors of the Heineken virtual brewery in Decentraland. Guests can also learn how the beers are made in seconds while enjoying complimentary pixelated lobsters and caviar and rubbing shoulders with Heineken ambassadors like Thierry Henry. 

It can be enjoyed out of Decentraland through an AR filter for iPhone and Snapchat filter. You can share the beer with your friends and colleagues through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts by installing a feature on the Heineken Silver website. Additionally, developers can use Heineken Silver in apps, games, and game engines through their Sketchfab hub. 

An ironic joke 

Bram Westenbrink, Global Head of Heineken, believes that connecting with people is vital to human existence. Here, the metaverse brings people together in a light-hearted and immersive way. 

He also mentions that Heineken Silver is an ironic joke to poke fun at Heineken themselves and other brands jumping into the metaverse with products that are best enjoyed in the real world. 

With this exhibition, he wants to remind everyone that nothing beats the taste of a refreshing beer, including their newest virtual Heineken Silver, in the real world. J. Demsky's inspired Heineken Silver virtual home can be enjoyed through the link here. 

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