Your clothes may matter, but seasons aren't. But, hey, it's fashion week in the metaverse!


Metaverse platform Decentraland is hosting its first Metaverse Fashion Week or MVFW, which will take place from March 24.

Throughout the four-day event, thousands of people will experience virtual fashion shows, buy and wear digital clothing, and enjoy live music sessions.

Hugo, a part of the newly rebranded Hugo Boss, is one of the first brands to confirm its participation. According to the organizers, more than a dozen digital-first creators and household names are already involved.

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The concept of the MVFW is to provide a low-risk environment for brands to test the tech of a 3D virtual world. Aside from the Sandbox, Decentraland is also notable for being one of the few open metaverse platforms that offer a truly immersive experience.

Some virtual models will be walking the runways, while others will be wearable. For some, this will allow people to buy digital items and wear them on their avatar, while others will have physical twin collections. In addition, visitors will also be able to scan a QR code to see a 3D rendering of the clothes they're wearing in their homes.

MVFW, virtual fashion events, and luxury brands

While MVFW is for everyone, people need to have an Ethereum wallet to make any purchases. Most of the events are open-access, but some brands have requested VIP access or free items. The setting and overall atmosphere will also be important factors in deciding the look and feel of the fashion shows.

Sam Hamilton, the creative director of the Decentraland Foundation, said that the event aims to promote creativity and make the platform more compelling for users. He added that it would also help bring more people to Decentraland.

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"We want to help the onboarding process and push creativity and show everyone what is possible," Hamilton said. "We do this to show the community and other brands, 'Hey, Decentraland is a place for shopping, everyone is wearing cool clothes and brands can release on the platform'. It's a way of bringing more people to the platform and making it more compelling for users."

The event's goal is to become a more established virtual fashion week destination instead of just a supplement to a real-life event. Various virtual fashion events have been held for the past couple of years, such as "Fabric of Reality" and "Afterworld".

According to Boson Protocol CEO Justin Banon, the evolution of virtual fashion has become a requirement for luxury brands. He noted that having a metaverse strategy is becoming an essential part of their brand development for them.

"We have gone from brands saying eight months ago, 'What is it?' to now, when brands have to have it, and it's become an essential part of a luxury brand strategy," he said. "Brands have to have a metaverse strategy. It's like a switch has been switched."

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