The Prambanan Jazz Festival has ended its series of musical events participated by famous local artists for two days.


Throughout the pandemic, have you been to a concert yet? Don’t worry. Most concerts during the pandemic are held virtually with strict health protocol measures applied for the performers. Recently an internationally well-known concert was held in Yogyakarta. It is the long-awaited Prambanan Jazz Virtual Festival 2021. Don’t be sad if you missed it because we will give a comprehensive recap of this two-day-long event!

Prambanan Jazz Festival, also known by its acronym PJF, is an international annual musical concert explicitly held at the front yard of the Candi Prambanan. The first Prambanan Jazz Festival was held six years ago, on the 16th of October 2015. The initial aim of this concert is to feature an international jazz festival with the noble heritage of Candi Prambanan. This year—same as last year since the pandemic hit the world—Prambanan Jazz Festival was held virtually through some digital platforms. 

This year the Prambanan Jazz Festival designed a special program entitled “Borneo Goes to Prambanan Jazz Virtual Festival” musical competition before the show. This musical competition was IndiHome’s idea where they wanted to look for the best local musicians from Borneo and showcase their ability at the festival.

The winners are Bellacoustic and Floo, who got the chance to perform their original songs at the Prambanan Jazz Festival’s lineup along with the national singers. They were also honored to open the big show. 

National singers who participated in this event are Pamungkas, Ardhito Pramono, Nadin Amizah, Nita Aartsen & Eurasian Bigband feat Tompi, Letto, Swingayogya, Yura Yunita, Manjakani, and Tulus. 


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Nadin Amizah opened performed her hit songs with Jazz arrangements. The honey-voiced national Jazz singer, Tulus, was also performed a splendid performance. The Jazz band from Borneo, Manjakani, also performed their songs at the show. Besides them, the rising diva of Indonesia, Yura Yunita, performed her songs passionately. She expressed her excitement of performing during the sunset for the first time at the Prambanan Jazz Festival.

Unlike the previous year’s Prambanan Jazz Festival, this year's art performances were not just limited to singing. There were also dance performances and visual art shows. With the spirit of the theme “Together in Collaboration”, the seventh year of the Prambanan Jazz Festival presented the dance performance of Indonesia’s dancing maestro, Didik Nini Thowok.  There was also a visual artwork presented by a young Yogyakarta illustrator named Wulang Sunu.


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This year’s Prambanan Jazz Festival’s schedule has been changed several times to adjust with the most recent situation of the pandemic in Indonesia. The regulations for conducting a concert or a show were strict, so a very thoughtful preparation had to be made. Thanks to the consistency of all the directors and the staff, the show could be executed successfully. All musicians from all over the country also could come to the venue, Candi Prambanan, to perform even though the audience can only access their performance virtually. 

The virtual concert was aired exclusively live on 19th-20th November on the iKonser Channel 459 SD | 949 HD on the Usee TV by IndiHome. The event was taped live, with the exact rundown of each performance. The concept of this virtual concert is solely aimed so the audience at home can feel the vibe of a real-time concert as if they attended the event in real life. To watch the show live, the audience could purchase an IndiHome subscription for only Rp15.000.

That was the recap of the event! Prambanan Jazz Festival is an annual event, so if you don’t want to miss out, follow their Instagram @prambananjazz for next year’s show updates and details!


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