Liliana Teddyanto creates period pants to sustain the environment.


There are many ways to save the world. Just like Liliana Teddyanto did, amid her busy life taking care of her daughter, it doesn't stop her steps to preserve the earth's nature by creating period pants called Hara Period Panty.

This is our meaningful talk about how the small things we can take impact significantly in the future.

Your product, Hara Period Panty, is such a mindblowing yet innovative product. Do you have any behind-story on it?

Yes, of course, I do. I am basically a person who is very concerned about environmental sustainability. I am the one who can’t see the light is on even though we don't use it and the one who doesn't let the tap water run while we're brushing our teeth. When I thought, where do disposable menstrual pads go after use, it would destroy the planet. So I tried to create a menstrual period panty with soft colors. 


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Why do you call it the Hara Period Panty? What is the meaning of Hara?

Harra comes from a Korean character that means pretty. But in actual meaning, I want Hara Period Panty to make your body, especially your belly looks pretty, hahaha. 


We see that your product is the kind of sustainable product that we are looking for to save our world. But, most of us, mainly Indonesian, are perhaps still unfamiliar with that. How do you educate the market?

We keep educating our audiences on our social media platforms by posting that what we live in right now is in danger. But with our little actions, changing our daily routines with a simple thing will help change the world because our next generation’s life is in our hands. And we also collaborate with Lindungi Hutan. By purchasing our period panty, we will donate 5% to Lindungi Hutan.

How are people responding to it by far?

The response is incredible, and we respect and feel grateful for it. People nowadays are already aware of sustainable products. Moreover, our products are excellent. We provided the best quality by trial the products for almost a year before we launched. 

What are the most difficult challenges that you face in creating Hara Period Panty?

We need to find great material and really neat stitching to make the pads layer stay. So they don’t leak. And we need to trial how many layers inside to stay thin but comfortable and not leaking. 

What is your plan for the next five years ahead, mainly if we talk about your business at Hara Panty?

Our vision is to provide all the women with the best quality during their period days. And another innovation for our fabrics. 

We think that your idea about this period panty is extraordinary. How do you generate such creative ideas like that? What do you usually do to get yourself these creative ideas?

Hmm, I will do more research. I always think about what the best for women. Because I am a working mom, I take care of our children, but it is such a pain in the ass during periods. Rash, cramp, and uncomfortable pads. How can it be possible to make it better during the period? So we can move freely, we can still work, and make our problem goes away. 


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It seems that your product is categorized for the high-end market. How do you convey the message as a premium brand to your target market?

Because we meant it. Best quality, best material. 

Can you share with our readers three of your most favorite sustainable products, other than Hara Panty, of course?

Kin+ally, Du Anyam.


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