Valentine's Day is happening. While many wish for gift exchanges, Koei Tecmo game company begs their users not to send gifts for in-game characters.


A Japanese game company, Koei Tecmo, begs fans not to send gifts on Valentine's Day or the upcoming White's Day. 

Koei Tecmo, owned by Yoichi Erikawa, was first founded in 1978 as Koei but later merged with Tecmo in 2009. The company's mission is to keep the 'ethos of creativity & contribution'. Koei Tecmo Group continues to 'pursue its goal of becoming the world's No.1 digital entertainment company' in order to attract the hearts of worldwide users.

It is known for its anime and game products. Some of the other trending game products are Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Lost Memories Seven Wonders, Attack on Titan 2, Toukiden, Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors, and many more.

One of the most-hyped currently is "Touken Ranbu Warriors," which features 'anthropomorphized weapons' that take the form of 'handsome swordsmen'. Could it possibly be the reason many fans send gifts to the company's headquarters?

With Valentine's Day approaching really soon, the company released a statement on their website saying that they wish what had happened the year before did not happen again because of the pandemic. Additionally, gifts are typically sent on White Day, Japan's "reverse Valentine's Day" on March 14, where men who receive presents are expected to return the favor.

Courtesy of Koei Tecmo

Koei Tecmo's official statement

"Thank you for always supporting us and our work. We want to express our thanks to those who have, in the past, sent presents to our staff and to the characters who appear in our games," the company wrote on January 26.

Known for games including "A.O.T. Wings of Freedom" and "Attack on Titan 2" which is based on the hit anime series "Attack on Titan", this company mostly produces successful action games. Some of the company's top games also feature dashing warriors, animated Japanese generals, and bikini-clad women.

This year, this Yokohama-headquartered company is begging their users not to send over gifts meant for their favorite in-game characters to their offices due to safety precautions. 

"Many staff members are now working from home due to COVID-19 pandemic countermeasures. After we considered the difficulties that staff may face in receiving these packages and possible health and safety concerns, this year, we will be declining presents sent for Valentine's Day and White Day," the statement read on Twitter. 

"We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Our employees will continue to work hard to brighten the world with our work," the company added. 

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