French fashion brand Serge Blanco has selected Infor's CloudSuite Fashion as its new enterprise resource planning solution.


Infor, a cloud software specialist company, has announced that Serge Blanco had selected its CloudSuite Fashion as the brand's new enterprise resource planning solution.

The Serge Blanco brand has been dressing men for over 30 years. It offers a complete wardrobe that allows customers to create their own style. The brand's comfort philosophy enables people to feel good, comfortable, and free to move. In 2020, it became the official dresser of the Stade Toulousain rugby team.

Due to the complexity of the company's distribution network and its existing system's obsolescence, Patrick Silvestri, the information systems manager of Serge Blanco, decided to implement CloudSuite in November 2020.

Other projects that were carried out in parallel with the CloudSuite implementation included revamping the company's e-commerce site. The system will also be used to orchestrate the company's supply chain.

Serge Blanco has a network of around 30 independent boutiques across France. It also has a multi-brand network with 250 multi-brand shops in different countries.

Why Serge Blanco chose CloudSuite
In June 2021, the company selected CloudSuite to replace its existing management system. The solution's modern features and capabilities did not require any customization.

The decision to implement CloudSuite was made in a series of workshops organized by Elcima, the company's integrator partner. The combination of CloudSuite's fully integrated solution and its ability to provide a single repository for all of its business processes was another reason why Serge Blanco chose it.

Bruno Kientzel, the managing director of Elcima, said that the company's teams could convince Serge Blanco's management that CloudSuite would support their business goals and operations.

The CloudSuite solution will manage various aspects of the company, including payroll, expense management, and e-commerce site. It will also be linked to other applications such as Polaris' cash register management system.

Philippe Maillet, Infor's sales director for France, said that CloudSuite's flexible and adaptable capabilities would allow fashion brands to manage their entire operations in one system. It will also allow the company to expand its operations in the US and Belgium.

After the implementation, Silvestri said that he was confident that the project would go smoothly. He added that its relationship with its customers would continue to evolve as its businesses evolve.

"In view of the professionalism of the Infor and Elcimaï teams, as well as the initial feedback we have received, we are confident this project will go well. As our businesses continue to evolve, we can now approach the evolution of the relationship with all our customers with much greater serenity," Silvestri concluded.

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