When owning a Lamborghini is not enough only on land but also at sea


The exotic design of the supercar can be an inspiration for making a yacht. This inspired the Italian shipbuilder, Tecnomar-part of The Italian Sea Group, to create a new boat model.

This Lamborghini Sian-inspired design is named Technomar for Lamborghini 63 and was made at The Italian Sea Group shipyard. This ship takes the design side, and the technology in the supercar, including the use of the Verde Gea paint colour present in the limited edition Sian FKP 37 with hybrid technology.

Then why 63? It is a celebration of when Ferruccio Lamborghini founded the automotive company in 1963. The figure also represents the number produced by Technomar. The number 63 also describes the length of this ship, which is 63 feet or 20 meters in total. The dimensions of this ship are 5.4 meters in width and weigh 24,000 kilograms.

In addition to the exterior design, the Lamborghini Sian inspiration is also present in the ship's interior. The shape, material, and even the instruments in front of the driver reproduce the components in the supercar. Both outdoors, on the deck, and below deck, with the possibility of configuring the details at will through the same Ad Personam program with which it is possible to configure the Bolognese supercars.


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Details are present in several parts, such as the two pilot seats wrapped in leather inspired by the Huracan Evo model with Sparco seat belts. The helm is based on the steering wheel of the Aventador (minus the paddle shifts and airbag).

The hull is made of fibreglass for strength. Carbon fibre is used in the structure for its lightweight and low centre of gravity. The engine uses a pair of MAN V12s that produces 4,000 hp or 2,000 hp each.

Based on the data, this ship is the fastest in the Technomar fleet. Its speed can reach 60 knots or about 111 km per hour, and a cruising speed of 40 knots or about 75 km per hour. This ship can cruise the ocean as far as 360 nautical miles with a tank capable of carrying 3,600 litres of fuel.

Based on the experience of the media who have tried, this ship can sail calmly, even at high speed. The design also keeps the inside of the vessel dry from seawater. The roof uses carbon which presents an aerodynamic side and protects passengers from bad weather and the hot sun.


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Facilities onboard are sufficient for 12 people. Behind the wheel, there is a kitchen, television, and sunpad. Below the deck is the front master bedroom as well as a guest cabin with twin beds. Of course, all made with the inspiration of Lamborghini luxury.

For those who are interested, this ship has a price of about $3.5 million. Tecnomar targets Lamborghini owners who don't want to be separated while sailing with the touch of their favourite car. Currently, the production slot until 2022 is full, so if you're going to get this extraordinary edition yacht, place an order right away.


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