The concept of a train that makes road trips feel very luxurious.


Humans and travel always go hand in hand. Humans are known as creatures who like to move to reach their destination for various reasons, moving places, traveling, or just traveling.

Human travel has been busy lately to explore space after several billionaires made a vehicle to take it higher to experience outside the earth's atmosphere. But on the land itself, some rides have long been used to move and have many fans, namely trains.

French designer Thierry Gaugain sees the potential of trains as a future and luxury transportation. His G Train concept wants to take the luxury of land travel to a different level, with various facilities that will make us all amazed.

The G Train concept will have about 390 meters and contain 18 guest rooms, fitness facilities, spa, garden, dining room, and hall. If that's considered normal, wait until you hear that this train is also planned to carry art exhibition cars, live music, and cinemas.


Courtesy of Gaugain

This train was created to be a place for billionaires to socialize and enjoy road trips. Gaugain also designed the Kabus train section as a millionaire toy warehouse capable of carrying passenger luxury cars and motorbikes and off-road vehicles used when needed.

Another crazy idea of ​​the G Train is that if the passengers have different destinations, the train can be split into two to meet the passenger's destination. 

The G Train is estimated to cost $350 million to become a reality. Gaugain revealed that the purpose of this train is not only delivering passengers from point A to point B, but also enjoying a trip with an extraordinary experience using trains.

Interestingly, if you think this train is made for general use, then you are wrong. This extraordinary figure is the price that an owner, yes one person, has to prepare to enjoy the G Train with 14 carriages in its series. The price is quite surprising to enjoy the trip, exceeding the cost of a private jet or yacht.

The G Train is claimed to move up to 160 km per hour and without shaking. Passengers inside can enjoy the view thanks to the presence of large windows made of sophisticated glass. Just by pressing a button, this glass can change the view as desired; there are six scene templates that passengers can choose from.

Gaugain revealed that the G Train is basically a stage that the owner can configure in various ways. The large glass can also increase opacity to enter privacy mode.


Courtesy of Gaugain


Gaugain's idea with trains was created because he really admired trains. Gaugain said, traveling by train is actually more environmentally friendly than other modes of transportation.

If there are interested consumers, the production of the G Train will take about two and a half years. Several parties willing to make this concept include British engineering firm Eckersley O'Callaghan, Swiss railroad maker Stadler, and French glass factory Saint-Gobain.

The train, which targets the super-rich from around the world, is designed to be used on the North American, European, and Asian railway systems. We feel that those who can afford it can certainly afford to permit this railway-shaped palace to pass on the public rail line or even build its own railway line.

The idea of premium trains is available in several countries and is a dream for fans of train travel worldwide. The most famous is the Orient Express which has a route from London to Venice. Seven Star Kyushu in Japan is an exclusive train that only carries 30 people with 14 suites for guests who are lucky to buy tickets that many people are looking for.

Indonesia itself has a premium class train with sleeper seats like business class on an airplane. This train has several routes, such as Jakarta-Surabaya Malang and Jakarta-Yogyakarta Solo with a price range from Rp1 million. However, this train service in Indonesia cannot be compared to the train services listed above.


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