Overcoming Economic Hardships, Mak Ika Emerges as a Digital Economic Champion


In the realm of digital entrepreneurship, where possibilities are limitless, Ika Mardiana, fondly known as Mak Ika, has become a beacon of inspiration. A homemaker with four children, Mak Ika has not only managed her household but also steered her own business, Toko Mak Ika, on Lazada Indonesia. Her triumph over economic challenges has positioned her as a #DigitalEconomicHero for her family, the Lazada Club Karawang seller community she nurtured, and the residents of Cibitung near her home.

Mak Ika's current success wasn't handed to her on a silver platter. Initially working as an accountant while her husband drove, their combined income fell short of meeting their family's needs. Determined to supplement their income, Mak Ika ventured into various offline businesses, from selling sandals and underwear to second-hand items. Unfortunately, these efforts proved futile.

"Initially, we ran the business offline and had to travel far every day to find suppliers. I even suffered a loss of up to a hundred million due to dishonesty from one of the employees. Not to mention the loss of time when our production place was flooded," reminisced Mak Ika.

Undeterred, Mak Ika, armed with Rp40 million in capital, and her husband decided to try their luck in the online business space. This marked the inception of Toko Mak Ika on Lazada, offering a range of household essentials.

"We shifted to selling online on Lazada in 2020 because Lazada is one of the top eCommerce platforms in Indonesia. Our hope was to become number one as well. I believe that if we are willing to make an effort, there will be results and success to be achieved in the future. When our business started stabilizing, we decided to retire from our jobs and focus on developing this venture," expressed Mak Ika with enthusiasm.

Little did she know that this bold move would elevate Mak Ika to the status of a #DigitalEconomicHero, playing a significant role in driving digital economic growth in Indonesia. Operating on Lazada, Mak Ika's primary strategy involved providing fast and responsive service, the key to competing with rivals. She was committed to delivering the best service to her customers.

"I even slept in the shop and responded to customer chats until midnight to ensure that customers trust my store," said Mak Ika.

Mak Ika highlighted the various features on Lazada that greatly aided in promoting and boosting Toko Mak Ika's sales, such as Free Shipping and Paid Advertising. She emphasized the importance of continuous learning and spent two months mastering the Lazada Seller Center and its features. Eager to share her knowledge, Mak Ika actively contributed to the Lazada Club community.

In addition to the continual growth of Toko Mak Ika on Lazada, Mak Ika's ability to mentor fellow Lazada sellers earned her recognition. Since September 2022, she has been appointed as the City Leader, leading the Lazada Club seller community in Karawang.

Toko Mak Ika's success has not only provided a stable income for Mak Ika's family but has also allowed her to own a shop, rent a warehouse for storing merchandise, and establish a production facility for brooms and mops. Moreover, Mak Ika has employed a total of 20 staff, predominantly homemakers or widows residing in the Cibitung area, West Java. She is a hero who not only strives for the well-being of herself and her family but also benefits the environment and community around her.

Mak Ika's key to success lies in her relentless spirit to keep learning, especially in utilizing the features offered by Lazada. The contribution and support from Lazada in developing the digital ecosystem have been felt by many digital economic heroes like Mak Ika. With her team, Mak Ika has progressed and become part of the economic players capable of generating revenue in the hundreds of millions every month. Even after achieving success, she continues to share her business knowledge and experience with those aspiring to sell online.

Fitriah Rahmawati, Vice President of Business Development at Lazada Indonesia, added that Lazada opens opportunities for anyone to become a successful seller on the platform. "Digital Economic Heroes like Mak Ika inspire us to continue developing various innovative features and programs on Lazada. We will continue to provide full support to local sellers who want to succeed, starting with an easy seller registration process, features that help sellers achieve success, access to millions of customer bases, and ongoing education programs through the Lazada University portal and Lazada Club seller community," concluded Fitriah.

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