Get to know some of the real rules of fine dining etiquette that you've probably broken already.


While restaurant etiquette standards have loosened in the past decades, formal dining conduct is still taught at a table manner school or etiquette classes in Indonesia.

Inherited from the European and American culture, if you ever wonder what you are doing in a fine dining restaurant is already correct or otherwise, you are just in the right place. Get to know some of the manners that perhaps you unexpectedly have broken already.

Never lift the menu of the table
In a formal dining situation, the menu and the table should always be at one. At least, if you are trying to take a look at the menu closer, make sure that you have a part of the menu touching the table.

Sip from the exact same place of the glass since the beginning
Once you sip from a glass, make sure you sip from the exact same place for the rest of the evening. This is done to avoid making too much lip ring, whether it is from natural oils or chapstick that you use. Additionally, put the glass back in the same place you picked it up from.

Don't clink even for a bit
Clinking for cheers is inappropriate in a fine dining manner and also could damage the fine glassware. If it was for a celebration, simply raise the glass and cheer for whatever the celebration is. In formal settings, the less noise you make, the better.

Keep the rim of your plate as clean as possible
This is another way to show respect to the servers waiting at your table. When they clear up your plate, they will be touching the edge of the plate and it is elegant that you keep it clean for them.

Place discards on the upper left
This is probably something you don't hear commonly, but in a good table manner, the upper left of your plate is always intended for discards. For example, if you are eating salmon and there is a lemon provided in that dish, you can put it on the upper left right after squeezing it into your fish. Meanwhile, the bottom right of the plate is intended for sauces and butter.

Keep bread always on the bread plate
In other words, butter the bread while it is still on the plate. Another thing is not to butter the whole slice at once. Break off every piece of the bread that you are about to eat and butter only that piece. This also applies to bagels, muffins, biscuits, and any other bread-like products.

Fold your napkin
Putting a napkin into your lap also has its fine-dining way. First, fold it and point its crease toward you. Then, you can put it on your lap. This reason is that in fine dining, never wipe stains, but dab stains. When you put the crease towards you, following dabbing the stains and closing the napkin, all the stains will stay inside to prevent you from getting any messy presentation in front of other guests.

Never mention 'restroom'
When you are about to go to the restroom, you can simply say "Excuse me", instead of "I'm going to the restroom".

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