The eco-friendly collection will be exclusively available on Tokopedia.


An estimated 92 million tons of textile waste is created annually from the fashion industry, according to Fashion Revolution. The staggering amount, as well as rising ecological awareness, are prompting brands to do more than just swapping their plastic bags for paper bags.

Newly established brand Everyday, often stylized as everyday, a brainchild of the Dan Liris group, launched a new collection inspired by the selfsame awareness. The collection, to be exclusively launched at Tokopedia on January 15, 2022, was created under a collaboration with environmental activist Melati Wijsen.

Melati is especially known for her "Bye Bye Plastic Bags" movement in Bali, which she established with his sister Isabel Wijsen in 2013. She has also founded other initiatives, including a social enterprise named MountainMamas that was also part of the collaboration.

"We further translated this spirit in collaboration with Melati Wijsen. Melati is a change maker who has been working for a long time to create a better world. Melati's passion for making good changes is in line with her everyday philosophy," said Fian Asfianti, Brand Manager for Everyday.

Established in 2021, Everyday is a ready-to-wear brand that prioritizes wearability and durability. It combines practical style and fun patterns as their signature ingredients in presenting clothes that are suitable to wear every day, every time.

In creating this collection, the Everyday brand and Melati are trying to show more responsibly in terms of answering environmental and social concerns. In addition to using eco-friendly materials, it also gains another added value by maximizing the use of the remaining materials to be reprocessed into accessories with the mothers from Mountain Mamas.

"That way, through this Everyday x Melati Wijsen collaboration, we are slowly trying to put our philosophy into practice, that is to extend the life span of fabrics and clothes," Fian explained.

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About the collection
Melati's attachment to nature and her activities as a change-maker and sociopreneur are the main inspirations for each piece in this capsule collection. The characters of shells, ocean waves, coral, and flowers are embodied into the prints and silhouettes, further characterizing this capsule collection.

To achieve Melati's vision while empowering another youth, Everyday also collaborated with young illustrator Alayka Seputra to create the patterns in this collection. Alayka is the daughter of the power couple behind MAJOR MINOR, Ari and Sari Seputra. Apples do fall near their trees, after all.

"I'm so excited because this collection has something for everyone! Whether it's for entrepreneurs or those who just want to enjoy the natural atmosphere in Bali. So yes, I am very happy with the creative process in this collaboration," said Melati.

The collection, based on effortless, classic, and timeless designs, is expected to capture the brand's effort to extend the usability of an outfit in a fashion cycle that is getting faster and faster.

Everyday x Melati Wijsen collection offers a wide selection of casual clothes that can be mixed and matched into so many styles for various occasions. It is also partly since Melati Wijsen's personal style is also part of the mood board in creating the collection.

"Growing up so close to nature has shaped my character. Therefore, I want this capsule collection to reflect that. This is a symbol of nature that has shaped me, and I hope this can also make other people want to be a part of nature."

Everyday's vision to produce clothes that everyone can wear at any time, in various activities, that it becomes a part of life for its wearers, is translated into four looks. With the combination of polished suits with playful motifs and lightweight materials, the collection will make you ready for both formal meetings and resort parties.

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