Instant delivery plays an important role in supporting SMEs.


Even though the country is still recovering from a pandemic, the people of Indonesia are looking forward to the end-of-year festivities. The restrictions caused by COVID-19 are not an impediment to celebrating togetherness, thanks to the availability of instant delivery technology, which serves as a bridge to observe year-end holidays with closest relatives without having to meet in person. 

Along with the development of the online business that is increasingly prevalent in Indonesia, the existence of shipping delivery is also increasingly available in this country, one of which is Lalamove. Lalamove is a technology company that serves instant delivery on-demand in Indonesia. It invites us to make use of the majority of excellent Lalamove's service in celebrating the season of togetherness that is Christmas and New Year. According to Lalamove, demand for orders could increase by up to 15 percent during the holiday season this year.

Andi M. Rizki, City Director of Lalamove Indonesia, said that the end-of-year holiday season of Christmas and New Year's is one of the busiest times of year for many businesses.

"With the proper preparation, various business sectors, including SMEs, can take advantage of this moment to increase sales. Of course, one aspect that business owners need to pay attention to is the speed and security of order delivery," he explained.

"Lalamove recorded a more than 300 percent increase in verified partner drivers compared to last year to meet demand during Christmas and New Year. The fleet that we have prepared is also diverse, ranging from driver-partners for motorbikes, cars, to pick-up boxes."

Christmas and end-year delivery moment

"Nearing Christmas Eve, the demand for deliveries began to increase … Also, the latest data show that online sales are still growing because online shopping trends are increasingly showing continuous and stable movements in all categories. This will also encourage demand for Lalamove services at the end of this year's holiday," said Andi.

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Lalamove has introduced a feature innovation that allows service users to set up 19 different delivery points in one delivery, anticipating the growing demand for this instant delivery service. This feature's delivery schedule can also be configured through the application and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is undoubtedly beneficial to Lalamove's business partners, particularly MSMEs, in meeting the needs of the community.

D'Cika has entrusted Lalamove as a delivery partner in this peak season to maintain product quality as one of the businesses anticipating an increase in orders ahead of Christmas and New Year. La Ode Haerun Ghowe from D'Cika Cakes & Bakery admitted that Lalamove's services were a great help during this holiday season. 

"Lalamove's route optimization and multi-stop features to manage order delivery routes allow us to expand our services this holiday season. In addition, not only features but Lalamove driver-partners are also trained for food delivery in the form of hampers, especially for the delivery of cakes and perishable food, so consumers are happier because the shipments arrive safely and can be enjoyed together," La Ode said.

Security during shipping

Lalamove has also ensured that 90 percent of their driver-partners, who are divided into various divisions, have undergone the two-dose vaccination process so that consumers do not have to worry about their safety and health when using delivery services.

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"This step is also a form of Lalamove's support for the government's efforts to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant, which has now entered our neighboring countries. In addition, we hope that the entire community can celebrate a healthy and peaceful year-end holiday to welcome a better new year for all of us," Andi concluded.



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